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Rank Name Raised
101st The CycleStormers The CycleStormers $1,760
Members of The CycleStormers
898th Christopher Lee Mayer Christopher Lee Mayer $1,199
2335th Jamie Macdonald Jamie Macdonald $561
102nd Kent & David Kent & David $1,739
Members of Kent & David
1092nd Kent Parkin Kent Parkin $1,078
1963rd David Mosel David Mosel $661
103rd 2019 Cycletastic 2019 Cycletastic $1,733
Members of 2019 Cycletastic
1144th Lissie Jackson Lissie Jackson $1,046
1877th Clare Warren Clare Warren $687
104th B & B  (Britt & Bianca) B & B (Britt & Bianca) $1,722
Members of B & B (Britt & Bianca)
2212th Britt Veltman Britt Veltman $594
105th BMX bandits BMX bandits $1,712
Members of BMX bandits
774th Ashley Watts Ashley Watts $1,308
3178th Brenton Schwarze Brenton Schwarze $321
106th Team Chat, Chief and Connor Team Chat, Chief and Connor $1,710
Members of Team Chat, Chief and Connor
1864th Connor Donnelly Connor Donnelly $1,185
3605th Akeel Kuhafa Akeel Kuhafa $224
N/A Chatura Attanayake Chatura Attanayake $129
107th proFIT Health & Fitness proFIT Health & Fitness $1,696
Members of proFIT Health & Fitness
2264th Jason Gent Jason Gent $577
2548th Rebecca Feagan Rebecca Feagan $520
2682nd Vanessa McPherson Vanessa McPherson $504
108th Not giving up Not giving up $1,626
Members of Not giving up
2553rd Becky Kuhl Becky Kuhl $520
2814th Jeremy Maluga Jeremy Maluga $478
3130th Grace Kuhl Grace Kuhl $336
3311th Tennille Maluga Tennille Maluga $292
109th Third Wheeling Third Wheeling $1,623
Members of Third Wheeling
1278th Kate Pollock Kate Pollock $985
2114th Rico Schroder Rico Schroder $617
5258th Adam Sealey Adam Sealey $21
110th Fraser Coast Fraser Coast $1,618
Members of Fraser Coast
526th Adam Vieglais Adam Vieglais $1,618
111th Cerulean City Bike Shop Cerulean City Bike Shop $1,606
Members of Cerulean City Bike Shop
1058th Jayden Stratton Jayden Stratton $1,095
2603rd Haydn Robb Haydn Robb $510
112th Harley's Angel's Harley's Angel's $1,598
Members of Harley's Angel's
N/A Deanna Bunston Deanna Bunston $1,055
N/A Harley Somer Harley Somer $251
3991st Marèé-a Somer Marèé-a Somer $143
N/A Katelynne Pyatt Katelynne Pyatt $87
N/A Bek Byrne Bek Byrne $62
113th Everyday I'm Pedallin' Everyday I'm Pedallin' $1,571
Members of Everyday I'm Pedallin'
813th Mandar Nesarikar Mandar Nesarikar $1,264
N/A Ajay Singh Ajay Singh $0
114th Team Turnbull Team Turnbull $1,556
Members of Team Turnbull
1325th sharanne turnbull sharanne turnbull $944
2135th kieran Turnbull kieran Turnbull $612
115th Hammer Time Hammer Time $1,553
Members of Hammer Time
1270th Lockie Hill Lockie Hill $1,000
2706th Sophie Robinson Sophie Robinson $503
N/A Michelle Poliwka Michelle Poliwka $0
116th #helpushelpthem #helpushelpthem $1,549
Members of #helpushelpthem
1473rd Tarnee Latoa Tarnee Latoa $856
N/A Rishiyank Yadav Rishiyank Yadav $500
5597th Michaël Jaimy Alan Mashoub Michaël Jaimy Alan Mashoub $5
N/A Tommy Heard Tommy Heard $0
117th South East Joffas South East Joffas $1,531
Members of South East Joffas
580th Emily O'Leary Emily O'Leary $1,531
N/A Kyle Griffin Kyle Griffin $0
118th Couchpeloton Couchpeloton $1,523
Members of Couchpeloton
N/A Bridie Jenner Bridie Jenner $780
1749th Dean Thompson Dean Thompson $744
119th 3 Musketeers 3 Musketeers $1,516
Members of 3 Musketeers
1439th Christine Pickersgill Christine Pickersgill $868
4999th Katie Berry Katie Berry $478
4278th Katherine Lee Katherine Lee $103
120th Old Farts Old Farts $1,505
Members of Old Farts
1286th Nicholas Duley Nicholas Duley $974
2486th Michael Calvert Michael Calvert $531
121st Rolling Coasters Rolling Coasters $1,501
Members of Rolling Coasters
2475th Matt Robertson Matt Robertson $533
3485th Petrina Medlock Petrina Medlock $250
3947th Roslyn Millett Roslyn Millett $154
3952nd Michael Medlock Michael Medlock $153
4220th Sean Millett Sean Millett $106
4220th Simon Millett Simon Millett $106
4808th Annabelle Hirst Annabelle Hirst $50
N/A Henry Hirst Henry Hirst $0
122nd VRT / Dynapumps VRT / Dynapumps $1,490
Members of VRT / Dynapumps
2343rd Nick Favazzo Nick Favazzo $559
2547th Ben Stronach Ben Stronach $520
2946th Tim Simmons Tim Simmons $411
123rd Peaches on Wheels Peaches on Wheels $1,476
Members of Peaches on Wheels
2601st Mercia Pretorius Mercia Pretorius $510
3319th Alecia Britz Alecia Britz $291
3386th Ilze Du Randt Ilze Du Randt $272
3879th Sandy Human Sandy Human $166
4042nd Betty Bradford Betty Bradford $134
124th Wheelie good friends Wheelie good friends $1,461
Members of Wheelie good friends
2090th Narrell Stark Narrell Stark $625
2850th Fiona Hall Fiona Hall $459
3076th Kelly Gersh Kelly Gersh $357
125th Let's Do This! Let's Do This! $1,461
Members of Let's Do This!
1321st Jessica Cox Jessica Cox $947
2582nd Velleda Bradford Velleda Bradford $514
126th JAKS JAKS $1,457
Members of JAKS
634th John Krause John Krause $1,457
127th Two wheel travellers Two wheel travellers $1,435
Members of Two wheel travellers
1261st Berni Tosch Berni Tosch $1,002
3338th David Bonavia David Bonavia $285
4391st Jaspreet Kaur Jaspreet Kaur $93
4711th Richard Palmer Richard Palmer $56
N/A Kyle Irvine Kyle Irvine $0
128th Get on your Bike Get on your Bike $1,431
Members of Get on your Bike
2069th Ebony Glendinning Ebony Glendinning $631
2134th Tania Adda Tania Adda $613
3780th Julie Higgins Julie Higgins $187
129th We Got This Girls We Got This Girls $1,416
Members of We Got This Girls
1322nd Wendy Woo Wendy Woo $946
3241st Donna Schreurs Donna Schreurs $367
130th Ride Forrest Ride Ride Forrest Ride $1,401
Members of Ride Forrest Ride
685th Darren Symons Darren Symons $1,401
N/A Adrian McMahon Adrian McMahon $0
131st Circus Bear Circus Bear $1,367
Members of Circus Bear
2175th Manuel Maddalozzo Manuel Maddalozzo $603
132nd Baby Sitters Club Baby Sitters Club $1,346
Members of Baby Sitters Club
1109th Jessica Davies Jessica Davies $1,068
3767th Erin Aspinall Erin Aspinall $190
4733rd Justin Bourke Justin Bourke $52
133rd 4thekids 4thekids $1,315
Members of 4thekids
1799th Elizabeth Grogan-Fsadni Elizabeth Grogan-Fsadni $718
2200th Jordan Glover Jordan Glover $597
N/A Jenelle Winnett Jenelle Winnett $0
N/A Luke Higgins Luke Higgins $0
134th Short of a six pack Short of a six pack $1,310
Members of Short of a six pack
2515th Katherine Reeves Katherine Reeves $526
2764th Jane Mcneil Jane Mcneil $500
3343rd Sally Reynolds Sally Reynolds $284
135th Nightshifters Nightshifters $1,305
Members of Nightshifters
1049th Glenn McIntosh Glenn McIntosh $1,100
3686th Roger McIntosh Roger McIntosh $205
N/A Stefan Aichholzer Stefan Aichholzer $0
136th Carpe Diem Carpe Diem $1,301
Members of Carpe Diem
2618th Stuart Seymour Stuart Seymour $509
3257th Lesley Seymour Lesley Seymour $303
3443rd Jan Barnes Jan Barnes $258
3568th Wendy Allan Wendy Allan $231
137th Riding On Sunshine Riding On Sunshine $1,297
Members of Riding On Sunshine
1537th Lauren Foote Lauren Foote $827
3973rd Kathleen Woods Kathleen Woods $147
4350th Elissa Richardson Elissa Richardson $96
138th Two and a Half Men Two and a Half Men $1,240
Members of Two and a Half Men
3830th Dave Gibbs Dave Gibbs $176
5258th Brendan Cooper Brendan Cooper $21
5258th Riley Cooper Riley Cooper $21
139th Buzz Buddies Buzz Buddies $1,216
Members of Buzz Buddies
871st Adsy Matthew Johnson Adsy Matthew Johnson $1,216
140th Cumberland Smeaton Cumberland Smeaton $1,214
Members of Cumberland Smeaton
2694th Amanda Bomphrey Amanda Bomphrey $503
2768th Renee Kopke-miller Renee Kopke-miller $500
4491st Troy Bomphrey Troy Bomphrey $77
141st Hogs and Hogettes Hogs and Hogettes $1,212
Members of Hogs and Hogettes
1013th Marc Brooks Marc Brooks $1,120
4405th Sue Akeroyd Sue Akeroyd $92
142nd Not NT Cycle Club Not NT Cycle Club $1,200
Members of Not NT Cycle Club
897th Phil Mackenzie Phil Mackenzie $1,200
Members of TOC IGA TRIO
3144th Piper Hicks Piper Hicks $333
3870th Jay Buckley Jay Buckley $168
4626th Hannah Paganoni Hannah Paganoni $68
144th Kung Fu Panda Kung Fu Panda $1,158
Members of Kung Fu Panda
2230th Helen Simpson Helen Simpson $589
2674th Olya Anderson Olya Anderson $504
145th GCC Team TSV GCC Team TSV $1,146
Members of GCC Team TSV
1061st Daryl Munro Daryl Munro $1,095
146th Cadence Crawlers Cadence Crawlers $1,121
Members of Cadence Crawlers
1272nd Brian Eadie Brian Eadie $997
4082nd Gillian Edwards Gillian Edwards $124
147th Northern Warriors Northern Warriors $1,103
Members of Northern Warriors
1039th Binoy Joseph Binoy Joseph $1,103
148th Two panniers, One bell, No lycra Two panniers, One bell, No lycra $1,091
Members of Two panniers, One bell, No lycra
2277th Toby Thumpston Toby Thumpston $574
2571st Rachael Hodgson Rachael Hodgson $516
149th Maleny Cycletherapy Maleny Cycletherapy $1,089
Members of Maleny Cycletherapy
1197th Jocelyn Eggins Jocelyn Eggins $1,016
150th Jurien Breakers Jurien Breakers $1,066
Members of Jurien Breakers
2451st Catherine Dunne Catherine Dunne $539
2649th Maxine Ashford Maxine Ashford $506