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Rank Name Raised
151st GC Cyclists GC Cyclists $1,062
Members of GC Cyclists
1862nd Lucy Steven Lucy Steven $693
3817th Mac Lovell Mac Lovell $179
4629th Ellie Lovell Ellie Lovell $68
4655th Belinda Lovell Belinda Lovell $64
4689th Logan Lovell Logan Lovell $58
152nd GoblinūüźłGang Goblin🐸Gang $1,060
Members of Goblin🐸Gang
2455th Ryan Knight Ryan Knight $538
3393rd Zach Nicoll Zach Nicoll $271
5533rd Joseph Etican Joseph Etican $10
153rd #jltbl #jltbl $1,036
Members of #jltbl
N/A Steve Trood Steve Trood $1,036
154th Slow N Steady Slow N Steady $1,032
Members of Slow N Steady
1166th Shaun McGill Shaun McGill $1,032
155th The Brotary Club The Brotary Club $1,027
Members of The Brotary Club
1643rd Bryan Smith Bryan Smith $784
3970th George Nonas George Nonas $147
4352nd Scott Kimber Scott Kimber $96
156th Wheels Of Fortune Wheels Of Fortune $1,015
Members of Wheels Of Fortune
1201st Michael Holland Michael Holland $1,015
157th Nathan & Shaun Nathan & Shaun $1,011
Members of Nathan & Shaun
2283rd Shaun Prestage Shaun Prestage $573
2883rd Nathan Laurens Nathan Laurens $438
158th Bundy Bikes Bundy Bikes $1,006
Members of Bundy Bikes
N/A Blane Crozier Blane Crozier $1,006
159th Rob & Jac Rob & Jac $1,006
Members of Rob & Jac
2362nd Robert Auld Robert Auld $554
3786th Jacquelyn Pedofsky Jacquelyn Pedofsky $186
160th ELKZ915 ELKZ915 $1,003
Members of ELKZ915
1244th Elkin Fulton Elkin Fulton $1,003
161st ZEE ZEE $965
Members of ZEE
2795th Fahrulia Emeralda Fahrulia Emeralda $487
2812th Farah Naswir Farah Naswir $478
162nd Wait for me! Wait for me! $944
Members of Wait for me!
1512th Rhonda Arnold Rhonda Arnold $836
4205th jenna edwards jenna edwards $108
163rd Peopleoftheworld Peopleoftheworld $939
Members of Peopleoftheworld
2510th Paul Hogg Paul Hogg $526
3704th Benji Perlow Benji Perlow $202
4237th Todd Perry Todd Perry $104
5332nd Clinton Sanders Clinton Sanders $20
164th Teachers Wear Capes Teachers Wear Capes $921
Members of Teachers Wear Capes
1829th Sarah Round Sarah Round $704
N/A Emily Farrell Emily Farrell $217
165th Kirsty’s Krew Kirsty’s Krew $904
Members of Kirsty’s Krew
1380th Kirsty McEwan Kirsty McEwan $904
166th Aroughride Aroughride $899
Members of Aroughride
2161st Courtney Ryland Courtney Ryland $608
3756th Myles Ryland Myles Ryland $191
4335th Chloe Evans Chloe Evans $100
167th The Three Broomsticks The Three Broomsticks $891
Members of The Three Broomsticks
2257th jessica quicke jessica quicke $578
3206th Alecia Meldrum Alecia Meldrum $313
N/A Brett Russell Brett Russell $0
168th Bicycle Besties Bicycle Besties $882
Members of Bicycle Besties
2784th Ange Cowie Ange Cowie $497
3126th Deb Myers Deb Myers $339
169th The Danube girls The Danube girls $863
Members of The Danube girls
1452nd Susan Nicholls Susan Nicholls $863
170th Philotimo Philotimo $858
Members of Philotimo
1655th Antony Kalergis Antony Kalergis $776
171st Team Kraken Team Kraken $841
Members of Team Kraken
2286th Paul EVans Paul EVans $572
3739th Vetabelle Cabejo Vetabelle Cabejo $197
172nd Desert peps Desert peps $841
Members of Desert peps
1499th Rebekah Tregea Rebekah Tregea $841
173rd The Cycopaths The Cycopaths $836
Members of The Cycopaths
1510th Angela Sutton Angela Sutton $836
N/A Emily Hollister Emily Hollister $0
174th Townsville Brit ladies Townsville Brit ladies $829
Members of Townsville Brit ladies
2737th Fleur Johnston Fleur Johnston $501
3384th Donna Jones Donna Jones $273
4721st Sandra Johnston Sandra Johnston $55
175th Knockabouts Knockabouts $823
Members of Knockabouts
1730th Dom Coulthurst Dom Coulthurst $750
176th Team Spoketacular Team Spoketacular $808
Members of Team Spoketacular
2185th Rob Eggleston Rob Eggleston $601
3782nd Dian Xu Dian Xu $186
177th Team Alpha Team Alpha $807
Members of Team Alpha
2984th Katelyn Cantwell Katelyn Cantwell $393
3001st Ashton Wilson Ashton Wilson $388
178th Opteon Opteon $805
Members of Opteon
1890th Richard Ong Richard Ong $682
4103rd Franco Fortis Franco Fortis $123
179th High Rollers High Rollers $800
Members of High Rollers
1830th Emily Clarke Emily Clarke $704
4352nd Oliver Hazelton-Kelly Oliver Hazelton-Kelly $96
N/A Karen Mcelligott Karen Mcelligott $0
N/A Meaghan McElligott Meaghan McElligott $0
180th CBR Cycle Collective (CCC) CBR Cycle Collective (CCC) $799
Members of CBR Cycle Collective (CCC)
1610th Karen Whenan Karen Whenan $799
181st Bertram Bikers Bertram Bikers $797
Members of Bertram Bikers
1616th Edwin Tan Edwin Tan $797
182nd WD-40 WD-40 $781
Members of WD-40
2739th Jason Peterson Jason Peterson $501
4002nd Ken neale Ken neale $140
183rd FuCkancer FuCkancer $771
Members of FuCkancer
2513th madhan jupally madhan jupally $526
3512th David Cattle David Cattle $245
184th The fat bastards The fat bastards $763
Members of The fat bastards
2080th Ian Murray Ian Murray $628
4030th Steve Lowe Steve Lowe $135
185th Julie Smith Julie Smith $756
Members of Julie Smith
1764th Julie Smith Julie Smith $735
N/A Elizabeth Haddick Elizabeth Haddick $0
186th Town Bikes Town Bikes $755
Members of Town Bikes
1712th Silika Baselala Silika Baselala $755
Members of TEAM WOOLF YV
2025th Riley Woolf Riley Woolf $643
N/A Bree Woolf Bree Woolf $0
188th Churchhill team Churchhill team $735
Members of Churchhill team
1763rd Felicity Shaw Felicity Shaw $735
189th Team Enigma Team Enigma $730
Members of Team Enigma
1859th Stephanie Garner Stephanie Garner $694
190th Footy is over Footy is over $714
Members of Footy is over
N/A Melanie Helmy Melanie Helmy $714
191st Bec n Cherie Bec n Cherie $705
Members of Bec n Cherie
1939th Rebecca Craigie Rebecca Craigie $669
4987th Cherie Nicholas Cherie Nicholas $36
N/A Cherie Nicholas Cherie Nicholas $0
192nd Pandy & Zeeb Pandy & Zeeb $704
Members of Pandy & Zeeb
1834th Kristie Ruediger Kristie Ruediger $704
193rd Tailwind Titians Tailwind Titians $701
Members of Tailwind Titians
2466th Shani Radford Shani Radford $536
4100th Sean Forsyth Sean Forsyth $123
194th Team Fusion Team Fusion $700
Members of Team Fusion
1848th Ryan Wilson Ryan Wilson $700
N/A Ken Au Ken Au $0
195th Mezzie & Co Mezzie & Co $690
Members of Mezzie & Co
N/A Maryanne Morrisby Maryanne Morrisby $653
N/A Catherine Noble Catherine Noble $36
196th Derp Storm Derp Storm $676
Members of Derp Storm
2107th Dave Haldane Dave Haldane $620
4704th Lily Haldane Lily Haldane $56
197th AO Mamils AO Mamils $666
Members of AO Mamils
2848th Michael Davies Michael Davies $460
3863rd Andy Dixon Andy Dixon $170
198th Bonking frogs Bonking frogs $643
Members of Bonking frogs
N/A Jacqui Brotherton Jacqui Brotherton $399
4444th Dani Eveleigh Dani Eveleigh $87
N/A Michelle Redman Michelle Redman $74
4922nd Bridget Simmons Bridget Simmons $41
N/A Ken Mastop Ken Mastop $41
199th Wild Riders Wild Riders $623
Members of Wild Riders
3683rd Leesha Ross Leesha Ross $207
3871st Zach Ross Zach Ross $168
4237th Adelle Rutch Adelle Rutch $104
200th Dylan and friends Dylan and friends $615
Members of Dylan and friends
2121st Dylan Wood Dylan Wood $615