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Rank Name Raised
101st Not NT Cycle Club Not NT Cycle Club $249.38
Members of Not NT Cycle Club
958th Phil Mackenzie Phil Mackenzie $249.38
102nd Team Jonathan Team Jonathan $248.40
Members of Team Jonathan
963rd Antonio Francese Antonio Francese $248.40
103rd Rolling Coasters Rolling Coasters $245.25
Members of Rolling Coasters
1455th Petrina Medlock Petrina Medlock $144.20
2455th Annabelle Hirst Annabelle Hirst $50
3047th Michael Medlock Michael Medlock $30.35
N/A Henry Hirst Henry Hirst $0
N/A Roslyn Millett Roslyn Millett $0
N/A Sean Millett Sean Millett $0
N/A Simon Millett Simon Millett $0
104th Team Deacon Team Deacon $240.08
Members of Team Deacon
997th Paul Clayton Paul Clayton $240.08
105th B's Biking Buddies B's Biking Buddies $239.73
Members of B's Biking Buddies
999th Belinda Wright Belinda Wright $239.73
N/A Alexander Ferry Alexander Ferry $0
106th Kirsty’s Krew Kirsty’s Krew $239.73
Members of Kirsty’s Krew
999th Kirsty McEwan Kirsty McEwan $239.73
107th proFIT Health & Fitness proFIT Health & Fitness $233.11
Members of proFIT Health & Fitness
1525th Vanessa McPherson Vanessa McPherson $130.64
1822nd Rebecca Feagan Rebecca Feagan $102.47
N/A Jason Gent Jason Gent $0
108th ELKZ915 ELKZ915 $227.70
Members of ELKZ915
1048th Elkin Fulton Elkin Fulton $227.70
109th Emma Emma $227.70
Members of Emma
1048th Jacqui Miller Jacqui Miller $227.70
N/A Lionel Miller Lionel Miller $0
110th Jurien Breakers Jurien Breakers $227.70
Members of Jurien Breakers
1137th Catherine Dunne Catherine Dunne $207
N/A Maxine Ashford Maxine Ashford $0
111th Spinners Spinners $225.95
Members of Spinners
1061st Ed Godwell Ed Godwell $225.95
112th Five Figs Catering Five Figs Catering $224.73
Members of Five Figs Catering
1065th Adrian Singline Adrian Singline $224.73
113th Pedal to the medal! Pedal to the medal! $216.65
Members of Pedal to the medal!
1660th Shanyce Vaai-Kitson Shanyce Vaai-Kitson $119.03
3218th Tom Rogers-Binns Tom Rogers-Binns $20
114th Elite North Elite North $214.20
Members of Elite North
1101st Kush Shrestha Kush Shrestha $214.20
115th Shire Superheros Shire Superheros $212.19
Members of Shire Superheros
1105th Ethan Bender Ethan Bender $212.19
N/A ben wainwright ben wainwright $0
116th Team Scrach Team Scrach $212.18
Members of Team Scrach
N/A Jaime Foskett Jaime Foskett $0
N/A Rachel Jansen Rachel Jansen $0
N/A Scott Jansen Scott Jansen $0
117th Outta Gas Outta Gas $210.87
Members of Outta Gas
1848th David O'Neill David O'Neill $100
N/A Yannick Vallet Yannick Vallet $0
118th Locky Legends Locky Legends $208.68
Members of Locky Legends
1368th Jenny Mustey Jenny Mustey $158.68
2455th Garry Mustey Garry Mustey $50
119th The Three Broomsticks The Three Broomsticks $207.72
Members of The Three Broomsticks
1415th Alecia Meldrum Alecia Meldrum $150.80
2302nd jessica quicke jessica quicke $56.93
N/A Brett Russell Brett Russell $0
120th Children for children Children for children $207
Members of Children for children
1137th Alessio Meriggi Alessio Meriggi $207
N/A Hunter McLean Hunter McLean $0
121st Dylan and friends Dylan and friends $206.30
Members of Dylan and friends
1145th Dylan Wood Dylan Wood $206.30
122nd Footy is over Footy is over $203.50
Members of Footy is over
N/A Melanie Helmy Melanie Helmy $203.50
123rd Hissy Fitness Hissy Fitness $201.84
Members of Hissy Fitness
1241st Richard Page Richard Page $181.14
124th Zachy's Ride Zachy's Ride $194.90
Members of Zachy's Ride
1932nd Joe Kowaluk Joe Kowaluk $91.40
N/A Gavin Duhig Gavin Duhig $0
N/A Sophie Holborow Sophie Holborow $0
125th Team Tenkae Team Tenkae $194.03
Members of Team Tenkae
1406th Alex Blaine Alex Blaine $153.33
2623rd Jason F Jason F $40.70
126th Old Codgers Old Codgers $190
Members of Old Codgers
1619th Marg Windsor Marg Windsor $120
2145th David Rimmer David Rimmer $70
N/A Jacen Carpenter Jacen Carpenter $0
127th The Danube girls The Danube girls $179.90
Members of The Danube girls
1251st Susan Nicholls Susan Nicholls $179.90
128th 4thekids 4thekids $175.95
Members of 4thekids
1348th Elizabeth Grogan-Fsadni Elizabeth Grogan-Fsadni $160.43
3361st Jordan Glover Jordan Glover $15.53
N/A Jenelle Winnett Jenelle Winnett $0
N/A Luke Higgins Luke Higgins $0
129th Get on your Bike Get on your Bike $174.20
Members of Get on your Bike
1563rd Tania Adda Tania Adda $124.20
2455th Ebony Glendinning Ebony Glendinning $50
N/A Julie Higgins Julie Higgins $0
130th Sunday Rides Sunday Rides $174.20
Members of Sunday Rides
1231st Felicity Mayne Felicity Mayne $101.75
2058th Richard Teirney Richard Teirney $72.45
N/A Lauren Teirney Lauren Teirney $0
131st Maleny Cycletherapy Maleny Cycletherapy $172.45
Members of Maleny Cycletherapy
1293rd Jocelyn Eggins Jocelyn Eggins $172.45
132nd Pancakes Pancakes $170.08
Members of Pancakes
1542nd Alicia Alton Alicia Alton $128.68
3112th Julian McGagh Julian McGagh $20.70
133rd Bmx Bmx $165.61
Members of Bmx
1315th Kaidyn Wright Kaidyn Wright $165.61
N/A Gage Salmond Gage Salmond $0
134th Knockabouts Knockabouts $165.60
Members of Knockabouts
1317th Dom Coulthurst Dom Coulthurst $165.60
135th Northern Warriors Northern Warriors $162.10
Members of Northern Warriors
1335th Binoy Joseph Binoy Joseph $162.10
136th Cerulean City Bike Shop Cerulean City Bike Shop $160.43
Members of Cerulean City Bike Shop
1342nd Jayden Stratton Jayden Stratton $160.43
N/A Haydn Robb Haydn Robb $0
137th Southwest Flyer's Southwest Flyer's $160.43
Members of Southwest Flyer's
1348th Haydon Cocking Haydon Cocking $160.43
N/A Michael Welch Michael Welch $0
138th Calf Carvers Calf Carvers $155
Members of Calf Carvers
2455th Alma Kuru Alma Kuru $50
2751st Christine Carew Christine Carew $35
2751st John Wills John Wills $35
2751st Tiamaree Wills Tiamaree Wills $35
N/A Andrew McKenna Andrew McKenna $0
N/A Mary McKenna Mary McKenna $0
139th We Got This Girls We Got This Girls $153.38
Members of We Got This Girls
1816th Wendy Woo Wendy Woo $103.38
3241st Donna Schreurs Donna Schreurs $50
140th Nathan & Shaun Nathan & Shaun $150.08
Members of Nathan & Shaun
1417th Nathan Laurens Nathan Laurens $150.08
N/A Shaun Prestage Shaun Prestage $0
141st Ride Forrest Ride Ride Forrest Ride $149.38
Members of Ride Forrest Ride
1425th Darren Symons Darren Symons $149.38
N/A Adrian McMahon Adrian McMahon $0
142nd Rabbit Fitness Rabbit Fitness $144.91
Members of Rabbit Fitness
1438th Karen Chetcuti Karen Chetcuti $144.91
143rd Pilbara pedlers Pilbara pedlers $144.20
Members of Pilbara pedlers
1455th Justine Shailes Justine Shailes $144.20
144th GreenTeam GreenTeam $139.73
Members of GreenTeam
1481st Brooke Harvey Brooke Harvey $139.73
145th The fat bastards The fat bastards $138.55
Members of The fat bastards
1493rd Ian Murray Ian Murray $138.55
N/A Steve Lowe Steve Lowe $0
146th The Bowers Bunch The Bowers Bunch $136.23
Members of The Bowers Bunch
1848th Mike Bowers Mike Bowers $100
2692nd Michael Farrell Michael Farrell $36.23
147th Short of a six pack Short of a six pack $130.35
Members of Short of a six pack
1619th Katherine Reeves Katherine Reeves $120
3384th Sally Reynolds Sally Reynolds $10.35
N/A Jane Mcneil Jane Mcneil $0
148th Townsville Brit ladies Townsville Brit ladies $127.89
Members of Townsville Brit ladies
2335th Sandra Johnston Sandra Johnston $55.44
2692nd Donna Jones Donna Jones $36.23
2692nd Fleur Johnston Fleur Johnston $36.23
149th 2019 Cycletastic 2019 Cycletastic $124.20
Members of 2019 Cycletastic
1563rd Clare Warren Clare Warren $124.20
N/A Lissie Jackson Lissie Jackson $0
150th Road spin warriors Road spin warriors $124.20
Members of Road spin warriors
1563rd Mr Andrew Young Mr Andrew Young $124.20
N/A Ben Tong Ben Tong $0