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Rank Name Raised
1st Mornington Cycles Mornington Cycles $15,674.97
Members of Mornington Cycles
191st Shelley Miles Shelley Miles $2,792.61
268th Kylie McDuff Kylie McDuff $2,332.68
615th Kerrie Maliszewski Kerrie Maliszewski $1,497.12
716th Kathryn Visser Kathryn Visser $1,361.05
831st Janine Wade Janine Wade $1,251.12
1413th Cheryl Coombs Cheryl Coombs $886.32
1785th Greg Dalton Greg Dalton $724.77
3665th Marianne Gray Marianne Gray $717.23
1876th Suzie Herrington Suzie Herrington $686.86
1980th Aaron Stamford Aaron Stamford $657.39
2410th Maria Tilders Maria Tilders $544.71
2593rd Richard Stubbins Richard Stubbins $512.19
2745th Kirstine Kelly Kirstine Kelly $500.98
3373rd Nichole Scaunich Nichole Scaunich $274.61
3522nd Deb Hicks Deb Hicks $242.81
4689th Kath Connelly Kath Connelly $58.90
4953rd Felix Davis Felix Davis $38.20
5260th Michelle Tindale Michelle Tindale $20.70
N/A Ala' Yasin Ala' Yasin $0
N/A Giuseppe & Carollo Giuseppe & Carollo $0
N/A Jane Spruce Jane Spruce $0
N/A Marnie Simpson Marnie Simpson $0
N/A Nosheen Ali Meer Nosheen Ali Meer $0
N/A Rebeka Fincher Rebeka Fincher $0
N/A Vindya Sandamali Vindya Sandamali $0
2nd Airport best Airport best $173.11
Members of Airport best
3852nd Jake Mitchell Jake Mitchell $173.11
N/A Liam Barron Liam Barron $0
3rd Peninsula Star Cycles Peninsula Star Cycles $101.02
Members of Peninsula Star Cycles
4306th John Billing John Billing $101.02
4th Cairns Scooter and Bicycle Hire Cairns Scooter and Bicycle Hire $71.23
Members of Cairns Scooter and Bicycle Hire
4569th Raoul Harnois Raoul Harnois $71.23
5th Urban Pedaler - GCC Champions Urban Pedaler - GCC Champions $50
Members of Urban Pedaler - GCC Champions
4810th Jase Watts Jase Watts $50
6th McGee's Masters McGee's Masters $5
Members of McGee's Masters
5624th Steve McGee Steve McGee $5
N/A 99Bikes 99Bikes $0
Members of 99Bikes
N/A Gilly Garcia Gilly Garcia $0
N/A B-Team B-Team $0
Members of B-Team
N/A Blake Russell Blake Russell $0
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