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Rank Name Raised
101st Paw patrol Paw patrol $314.98
Members of Paw patrol
3534th Holli Zaria Pounder Holli Zaria Pounder $186.31
3873rd Kurtis Crisante Kurtis Crisante $128.68
102nd Team Millie Team Millie $776.82
Members of Team Millie
1638th Samantha Jones Samantha Jones $668.14
4010th Stu Jones Stu Jones $108.68
103rd The Downhillbillies The Downhillbillies $1,004.09
Members of The Downhillbillies
1219th Jesse Job Jesse Job $838.61
3654th Matthew Orr Matthew Orr $165.48
104th Dad and Daughter Dad and Daughter $1,183.75
Members of Dad and Daughter
1606th Ron Ellery Ron Ellery $679.20
2274th Marion Ellery Marion Ellery $504.55
105th Ivy-jeanie the queenie Ivy-jeanie the queenie $3,625.33
Members of Ivy-jeanie the queenie
295th Tracey Smith Tracey Smith $1,792.44
669th Trudy Delamare Trudy Delamare $1,220.33
1814th Brian Smith Brian Smith $612.57
106th Sorbello Family Sorbello Family $658.43
Members of Sorbello Family
4704th Joseph Sorbello Joseph Sorbello $47.76
5185th Christine Sorbello Christine Sorbello $20
5313th Cameron Sorbello Cameron Sorbello $10.35
5313th Sarah Sorbello Sarah Sorbello $10.35
107th Chaplin Mouseketeers Chaplin Mouseketeers $207
Members of Chaplin Mouseketeers
4442nd Mark Chaplin Mark Chaplin $67.28
4552nd Mariska Chaplin Mariska Chaplin $51.75
4741st Caitlyn Chaplin Caitlyn Chaplin $43.99
4741st Zoey Chaplin Zoey Chaplin $43.99
N/A Singh Singh $0
Members of Singh
N/A Rav S Rav S $0
109th Spinning Wheels Spinning Wheels $751.31
Members of Spinning Wheels
1671st Kath Langmead Kath Langmead $655.81
4149th Daniel Nolan Daniel Nolan $95.50
110th Team Lane Team Lane $889.22
Members of Team Lane
2168th Harrison Lane Harrison Lane $524.89
2804th Andrew Lane Andrew Lane $343.63
111th KENT 2019 KENT 2019 $771.05
Members of KENT 2019
1665th Trent Donohoo Trent Donohoo $656.45
3964th Kathy Donohoo Kathy Donohoo $114.60
112th Haubys Haubys $814.55
Members of Haubys
N/A Sophie Haub Sophie Haub $222.11
N/A Cody Haub Cody Haub $187.28
113th Family Ride Family Ride $164.90
Members of Family Ride
3656th Lydia Lane Lydia Lane $164.90
114th KazNPaul KazNPaul $422.47
Members of KazNPaul
2554th KaznPaul Stibbe KaznPaul Stibbe $422.47
115th Maccas Maccas $70
Members of Maccas
N/A Barb Mckinnel Barb Mckinnel $35
N/A Colin McKinnel Colin McKinnel $35
116th Millton Millton $1,303.63
Members of Millton
962nd Heidi Millton-Young Heidi Millton-Young $1,004.69
3604th Daniel Millton Daniel Millton $174.74
117th Orners Orners $314.84
Members of Orners
N/A Jacqui Orner Jacqui Orner $164.76
3799th Ben Orner Ben Orner $139.73
118th For James For James $1,104.70
Members of For James
N/A Annette Ward Annette Ward $601.17
N/A Gail Clark Gail Clark $503.53
119th Weeda's Weeda's $1,062.74
Members of Weeda's
2207th Anissa Weeda Anissa Weeda $517.50
2249th Janwillem Weeda Janwillem Weeda $508.33
N/A Leah Bergsma Leah Bergsma $0
120th Shaggy Shaggy $20.70
Members of Shaggy
5118th Shane Martin Shane Martin $20.70
N/A Maya Rutkovska Maya Rutkovska $0
121st Latcham Gals Latcham Gals $1,523.04
Members of Latcham Gals
426th Naomi Latcham Naomi Latcham $1,523.04
N/A Samantha Latcham Samantha Latcham $0
122nd Bazman Bazman $20.70
Members of Bazman
5118th Mandee Anderson Mandee Anderson $20.70
N/A Barry Anderson Barry Anderson $0
123rd Black Diamonds Black Diamonds $345.16
Members of Black Diamonds
2487th Lauren Riggs Lauren Riggs $231.30
N/A Josephine Walsh Josephine Walsh $82.81
N/A Gary Hobbs Gary Hobbs $0
124th Team Versluis Team Versluis $815.85
Members of Team Versluis
2083rd Kimiyo Ise Kimiyo Ise $543.68
3109th Jake Versluis Jake Versluis $272.18
125th Macs cycle Macs cycle $1,266.36
Members of Macs cycle
2122nd Karen McDavitt Karen McDavitt $534.92
2428th Campbell Mcdavitt Campbell Mcdavitt $467.98
126th Riding for Frankie Riding for Frankie $263.93
Members of Riding for Frankie
N/A Steve Ryan Steve Ryan $253.58
N/A Ashy Rose Ashy Rose $10.35
N/A Adam Parrott Adam Parrott $0
127th Wales and Co Wales and Co $116.22
Members of Wales and Co
4438th Chris Wales Chris Wales $68.46
4704th Laurelle Wales Laurelle Wales $47.76
N/A Carole Hambilton Carole Hambilton $0
N/A Graham Hambilton Graham Hambilton $0
128th Team West Team West $581.93
Members of Team West
4552nd Cheree West Cheree West $51.75
N/A Simon West Simon West $0
129th Easy Riders Easy Riders $856.06
Members of Easy Riders
2510th Trina Cleary Trina Cleary $437.35
4330th Bruce Lowes Bruce Lowes $72.45
N/A Tessa L Tessa L $0
130th Milly and Mills Milly and Mills $348.07
Members of Milly and Mills
2956th Lori Jane Toohey Lori Jane Toohey $307.37
4757th Sue Mills Sue Mills $40.70
131st Team Smith Team Smith $573.02
Members of Team Smith
2397th Jean Smith Jean Smith $477.52
4149th Greg Smith Greg Smith $95.50
132nd Team Cho Team Cho $888.38
Members of Team Cho
2474th Jayne Cho Jayne Cho $452.59
3586th Will Cho Will Cho $177.51
5118th Claire Cho Claire Cho $20.70
133rd Bike n boys Bike n boys $1,722.55
Members of Bike n boys
1293rd Ashton McCubbin Ashton McCubbin $805.21
1323rd Noah mccubbin Noah mccubbin $793.18
5073rd Cooper Mugford Cooper Mugford $28.66
134th Bubbles Bubbles $1,146.83
Members of Bubbles
1953rd Cathy Wood Cathy Wood $575.03
1970th Emilya Wood Emilya Wood $571.81
135th unicorn steve unicorn steve $10.35
Members of unicorn steve
5313th Karen Stuart Karen Stuart $10.35
N/A Ashley Kearvell Ashley Kearvell $0
136th Squaw's Pride Squaw's Pride $1,014.32
Members of Squaw's Pride
891st Ana Bodnar Ana Bodnar $1,014.32
N/A Ricky Bodnar Ricky Bodnar $0
137th Team Huntly Team Huntly $36.23
Members of Team Huntly
4810th Nicole Huntly Nicole Huntly $36.23
N/A Mick Huntly Mick Huntly $0
138th Mortons Mortons $1,010.28
Members of Mortons
1677th Samantha Deans Samantha Deans $651.46
2757th Matthew Morton Matthew Morton $358.83
N/A Team SHREK Team SHREK $0
Members of Team SHREK
N/A Jolene Purser Jolene Purser $0
N/A Seth Damico Seth Damico $0
140th Mortongals Mortongals $1,547.85
Members of Mortongals
N/A Sharon Morton Sharon Morton $847.41
N/A Edie Morton Edie Morton $503.79
141st Team Sheppard Team Sheppard $88.56
Members of Team Sheppard
4875th Eddie Sheppard Eddie Sheppard $35
142nd Gavnat Gavnat $83.54
Members of Gavnat
4266th Natalie Redman Natalie Redman $83.54
143rd Mole family Mole family $2,879.41
Members of Mole family
389th Darrel Mole Darrel Mole $1,602.82
612th Lauren Castelijn Lauren Castelijn $1,276.59
144th Rosh Rides Rosh Rides $656.85
Members of Rosh Rides
376th Rochelle Luppino Rochelle Luppino $656.85
N/A Pavan Uppi Pavan Uppi $0
145th Theunderwoods Theunderwoods $294.98
Members of Theunderwoods
3010th TJ Dogmum TJ Dogmum $294.98
146th Slytherpuffs Slytherpuffs $1,000.69
Members of Slytherpuffs
2614th Donald Wake Donald Wake $407.50
5278th Elvie Wake Elvie Wake $19.10
5278th Josephine Wake Josephine Wake $19.10
147th Team Gold Team Gold $834.07
Members of Team Gold
1300th Leanne Ford Leanne Ford $803.02
5046th Donna Tiyce Donna Tiyce $31.05
148th Team TOBY Team TOBY $443.30
Members of Team TOBY
2499th Shannon Havis Shannon Havis $443.30
N/A Rebecca Andrews Rebecca Andrews $0
N/A Rhianna Ashley Rhianna Ashley $0
149th BVVC BVVC $103.50
Members of BVVC
N/A James Naylor James Naylor $103.50
150th Team Vickery Team Vickery $300.18
Members of Team Vickery
3841st Joshua Vickery Joshua Vickery $133.71
3883rd Chris Vickery Chris Vickery $126.18
4766th Alexis Vickery Alexis Vickery $40.29