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Rank Name Raised
101st Shire team Shire team $102.63
Members of Shire team
4285th Niveen Ghanem Niveen Ghanem $102.63
N/A Alejandro Rodriguez Alejandro Rodriguez $0
102nd burnt wheels burnt wheels $1,636.30
Members of burnt wheels
1498th Cruize Hovancek Cruize Hovancek $842.82
1627th Darren Iles Darren Iles $793.48
103rd #iamsaliba #iamsaliba $1,055.57
Members of #iamsaliba
2718th Audrey Saliba Audrey Saliba $502.43
2997th Isabelle Saliba Isabelle Saliba $388.58
3887th Matthew Saliba Matthew Saliba $164.56
N/A James Family James Family $0
Members of James Family
N/A Dave James Dave James $0
105th For James For James $2,378.35
Members of For James
N/A Annette Ward Annette Ward $1,605.36
N/A Gail Clark Gail Clark $772.99
106th KENT 2019 KENT 2019 $771.05
Members of KENT 2019
1985th Trent Donohoo Trent Donohoo $656.45
4151st Kathy Donohoo Kathy Donohoo $114.60
107th Weeda's Weeda's $1,062.74
Members of Weeda's
2569th Anissa Weeda Anissa Weeda $517.50
2628th Janwillem Weeda Janwillem Weeda $508.33
N/A Leah Bergsma Leah Bergsma $0
108th The Lacey Pedalers The Lacey Pedalers $756.38
Members of The Lacey Pedalers
1710th Joe Lacey Joe Lacey $756.38
109th Helga's Heroes Helga's Heroes $3,355.89
Members of Helga's Heroes
450th Elise Pearce Elise Pearce $1,751.59
530th Brendan Pearce Brendan Pearce $1,604.30
110th Mortongals Mortongals $1,547.85
Members of Mortongals
N/A Sharon Morton Sharon Morton $847.41
N/A Edie Morton Edie Morton $503.79
111th Milly and Mills Milly and Mills $399.82
Members of Milly and Mills
3069th Lori Jane Toohey Lori Jane Toohey $359.12
4931st Sue Mills Sue Mills $40.70
N/A Singh Singh $0
Members of Singh
N/A Rav S Rav S $0
Members of TEAM PLENTY
114th Team Lane Team Lane $1,380.15
Members of Team Lane
2378th Harrison Lane Harrison Lane $550.77
3115th Andrew Lane Andrew Lane $343.63
N/A Team Moore Team Moore $0
Members of Team Moore
N/A Lorna Moore Lorna Moore $0
116th Get a Grip Get a Grip $304.10
Members of Get a Grip
3302nd Kindi Smith Kindi Smith $294.10
5534th Simon Smith Simon Smith $10
N/A J+J J+J $0
Members of J+J
N/A Jayce Greenslade Jayce Greenslade $0
118th Bazman Bazman $20.70
Members of Bazman
5259th Mandee Anderson Mandee Anderson $20.70
N/A Barry Anderson Barry Anderson $0
119th Sorbello Family Sorbello Family $721.55
Members of Sorbello Family
4809th Christine Sorbello Christine Sorbello $50
4886th Joseph Sorbello Joseph Sorbello $47.76
5470th Cameron Sorbello Cameron Sorbello $10.35
5470th Sarah Sorbello Sarah Sorbello $10.35
120th Team VanderMeer Team VanderMeer $1,769.08
Members of Team VanderMeer
959th Nicole Van der Meer Nicole Van der Meer $1,155.77
2131st Peter Van der Meer Peter Van der Meer $613.31
121st Love for Lizzie Love for Lizzie $3,941.29
Members of Love for Lizzie
933rd Elizabeth Stephens Elizabeth Stephens $1,174.73
1570th Mel Fry Mel Fry $812.50
4735th James Monkman James Monkman $51.75
122nd unicorn steve unicorn steve $10.35
Members of unicorn steve
5470th Karen Stuart Karen Stuart $10.35
N/A Ashley Kearvell Ashley Kearvell $0
123rd Wolfpack Wolfpack $188.04
Members of Wolfpack
4307th Jason Middleton Jason Middleton $100.68
4808th Adam Middleton Adam Middleton $50.46
124th Ironstone Ironstone $1,320.41
Members of Ironstone
1705th Maddy Heanly Maddy Heanly $757.79
2325th Nicholas Heanly Nicholas Heanly $562.62
125th Team Watkins Team Watkins $777.91
Members of Team Watkins
1761st Matthew Watkins Matthew Watkins $737.21
4931st Terri Watkins Terri Watkins $40.70
126th Team Gratton Team Gratton $2,882.61
Members of Team Gratton
1394th Neil Gratton Neil Gratton $896.74
1409th Kristy Gratton Kristy Gratton $887.84
127th The Barn on Tour The Barn on Tour $677.54
Members of The Barn on Tour
1906th Daniel Higgins Daniel Higgins $677.54
N/A Laura Higgins Laura Higgins $0
128th Sam and Bronte Sam and Bronte $943.76
Members of Sam and Bronte
2122nd Sam Hodge Sam Hodge $615.38
3153rd Bronte Everingham Bronte Everingham $328.38
129th Bandyman's Bikers Bandyman's Bikers $2,532.50
Members of Bandyman's Bikers
256th Wayne Scifleet Wayne Scifleet $2,496.27
130th Blue Room Dreamers Blue Room Dreamers $144.90
Members of Blue Room Dreamers
4393rd Leanne Syron Leanne Syron $93.15
4735th Tyrone Lamb Tyrone Lamb $51.75
131st Sharke & Minnow Sharke & Minnow $2,839.54
Members of Sharke & Minnow
444th Sheryl Clarke Sheryl Clarke $1,760.59
1099th Saffron Wilson Saffron Wilson $1,073.95
132nd Orners Orners $335.54
Members of Orners
N/A Jacqui Orner Jacqui Orner $164.76
3909th Ben Orner Ben Orner $160.43
N/A Get Out There Australia Get Out There Australia $0
Members of Get Out There Australia
N/A Lynn Frerichs Lynn Frerichs $0
N/A Michael Hoare Michael Hoare $0
134th The Gear Changers The Gear Changers $961.18
Members of The Gear Changers
1895th Richard Engel Richard Engel $680.78
4128th Tyler Engel Tyler Engel $119.96
4424th Emily Engel Emily Engel $87.98
4521st Phillipa Engel Phillipa Engel $72.46
135th Pitt family Pitt family $533.12
Members of Pitt family
3039th Dave Pitt Dave Pitt $370.88
3903rd Justin Miles Justin Miles $162.24
136th The Greyhounds The Greyhounds $1,238.02
Members of The Greyhounds
1620th Michael Haseloff Michael Haseloff $1,165.57
4525th Tristan Newsome Tristan Newsome $72.45
137th Bike n boys Bike n boys $1,722.55
Members of Bike n boys
1584th Ashton McCubbin Ashton McCubbin $805.21
1628th Noah mccubbin Noah mccubbin $793.18
5215th Cooper Mugford Cooper Mugford $28.66
138th Spinning Wheels Spinning Wheels $751.31
Members of Spinning Wheels
1991st Kath Langmead Kath Langmead $655.81
4353rd Daniel Nolan Daniel Nolan $95.50
139th Mole family Mole family $3,156.35
Members of Mole family
503rd Darrel Mole Darrel Mole $1,654.57
610th Lauren Castelijn Lauren Castelijn $1,501.78
140th Team Gold Team Gold $1,056.59
Members of Team Gold
1314th Leanne Ford Leanne Ford $953.09
4238th Donna Tiyce Donna Tiyce $103.50
141st Gavnat Gavnat $207.74
Members of Gavnat
3680th Natalie Redman Natalie Redman $207.74
142nd Haubys Haubys $1,044.98
Members of Haubys
N/A Cody Haub Cody Haub $347.71
N/A Sophie Haub Sophie Haub $222.11
143rd Team Huntly Team Huntly $72.46
Members of Team Huntly
4521st Nicole Huntly Nicole Huntly $72.46
N/A Mick Huntly Mick Huntly $0
144th Mortons Mortons $1,067.21
Members of Mortons
1927th Samantha Deans Samantha Deans $672.16
2980th Matthew Morton Matthew Morton $395.05
145th Theunderwoods Theunderwoods $294.98
Members of Theunderwoods
3294th TJ Dogmum TJ Dogmum $294.98
146th Archer Archer $253.92
Members of Archer
3754th Wayne Obst Wayne Obst $191.82
4664th Craig Trestrail Craig Trestrail $62.10
N/A Zac Trestrail Zac Trestrail $0
147th Family Ride Family Ride $164.90
Members of Family Ride
3885th Lydia Lane Lydia Lane $164.90
148th Bubbles Bubbles $1,146.83
Members of Bubbles
2275th Cathy Wood Cathy Wood $575.03
2288th Emilya Wood Emilya Wood $571.81
149th Team West Team West $612.98
Members of Team West
4735th Cheree West Cheree West $51.75
N/A Simon West Simon West $0
150th Black Diamonds Black Diamonds $381.39
Members of Black Diamonds
2487th Lauren Riggs Lauren Riggs $267.53
N/A Josephine Walsh Josephine Walsh $82.81
N/A Gary Hobbs Gary Hobbs $0