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Rank Name Raised
39th Jing Tan Jing Tan $682.26
40th Phil Astill Phil Astill $673.13
41st Matt Collins Matt Collins $671.27
42nd Wayne Clare Wayne Clare $669.77
43rd Rodney Brammer Rodney Brammer $667.50
44th Duncan Toombs Duncan Toombs $661.11
45th Luke Cunningham Luke Cunningham $654.71
46th Suzie Hawthorne Suzie Hawthorne $640.00
47th Ryan Wilson Ryan Wilson $627.85
48th Kristina Rorhan Kristina Rorhan $614.28
49th Adam Renouf Adam Renouf $606.13
N/A Olivia Rose Olivia Rose $604.01
50th Coral Swerlowycz Coral Swerlowycz $598.41
N/A Debbie Lovaszi Debbie Lovaszi $577.85
51st Tara Robertson Tara Robertson $574.43
52nd Jason Hunter Jason Hunter $572.53
53rd Adrian Burke Adrian Burke $570.63
54th Gerbrand Ferreira Gerbrand Ferreira $569.71
55th Stuart Walsh Stuart Walsh $563.56
56th David Johnston David Johnston $556.93