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Rank Name Raised
61st Darrel Mole Darrel Mole 4years $326
61st Kym Lawson Kym Lawson 3years $326
61st Mitchell Lawler Mitchell Lawler 2years $326
61st Tony Gibson Tony Gibson 3years $326
61st Vicki Hooper Vicki Hooper 2years $326
66th Andy Payne Andy Payne 2years $321
66th Kathy Kaiser Kathy Kaiser 2years $321
68th Kay Everson Kay Everson 5years $321
68th Kerry Humphries Kerry Humphries 2years $321
68th Tyson Krsevan Tyson Krsevan 2years $321
71st Dean Thompson Dean Thompson 4years $319
322nd Taryn Hollings Taryn Hollings 5years $311
72nd Ian Lynass Ian Lynass 2years $311
73rd Toni Matthews Toni Matthews 2years $305
74th Renata Mosso Renata Mosso 2years $295
75th Jackson Eekelschot Jackson Eekelschot 2years $288
76th Remzi Sahin Remzi Sahin 2years $281
77th Iohne Simpson Iohne Simpson 2years $279
78th Craig Butt Craig Butt 6years $279
78th Jo-Anne Hersey Jo-Anne Hersey 4years $279