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Rank Name Raised
2637th Peter Williams Peter Williams $507.29
2008th Ryan Big Hitter Mitchell Ryan Big Hitter Mitchell $647.94
N/A Josh Klooger Josh Klooger $0
33rd Andrea Dennett Andrea Dennett $5,504.55
N/A Rodney Palmer Rodney Palmer $0
103rd Jude Stephens Haines Jude Stephens Haines $3,397.99
N/A David Hede David Hede $0
3608th Barry Burns Barry Burns $222.93
2128th Adrian Singline Adrian Singline $613.93
N/A Dome Deli Dome Deli $0
3724th Tony Cotter Tony Cotter $200
1441st Darryl Fourter Darryl Fourter $868.29
760th Troy Marshall Troy Marshall $1,323.64
1659th Gavin Duhig Gavin Duhig $773.83
3176th Jeff Little Jeff Little $322.53
4734th Jeffrey Newton Jeffrey Newton $51.75
N/A Blane Crozier Blane Crozier $1,006.17
N/A Kyle Roberts Kyle Roberts $0
132nd David Johnston David Johnston $3,184.98
697th Phillip Tullio Phillip Tullio $1,380.89