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Rank Name Raised
34th Wendy Grant Wendy Grant 4years $72
N/A Lesley Seymour Lesley Seymour 7years $0
42nd Keith McKenzie Keith McKenzie $52
42nd Maria Carter Maria Carter 2years $52
42nd Samuel Crutchley Samuel Crutchley 3years $52
42nd Tim Barnes Tim Barnes 2years $52
46th Sheree Geci Sheree Geci 7years $50
47th Adrian Gifford Adrian Gifford 3years $36
47th Alexander Liso Alexander Liso $36
47th Cristian Recabarren Cristian Recabarren $36
47th Lee Adamson Lee Adamson $36
47th pete BROOKES pete BROOKES 6years $36
47th Saliya Karunatilake Saliya Karunatilake 3years $36
47th Tanja Kubitza Tanja Kubitza 7years $36
54th Kim Giusa Kim Giusa 7years $26
55th Charlie Crabbe Charlie Crabbe 2years $21
55th Cherie Shiels Cherie Shiels 6years $21
55th Saphira Crabbe Saphira Crabbe 3years $21
55th Skylah Crabbe Skylah Crabbe $21
59th Dan Gee Dan Gee 2years $14