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Financial Services

Rank Name Raised
1st Fiscal Furies Fiscal Furies $3,664.93
Members of Fiscal Furies
1172nd David Ryan David Ryan $1,029.88
2177th Adam Hadley Adam Hadley $602.91
2916th Rodney McComiskie Rodney McComiskie $421.26
2930th Nathan Watt Nathan Watt $418.02
3273rd Bruce Michael Bruce Michael $300.08
3351st Andrew Baylis Andrew Baylis $282.03
4177th James Dawson James Dawson $110
4423rd Robert Csar Robert Csar $87.98
N/A Robert Csar Robert Csar $0
2nd MLC Sydney MLC Sydney $2,184.67
Members of MLC Sydney
391st Paul Rickerby Paul Rickerby $1,890.64
3900th Kay Adewusi Kay Adewusi $162.30
N/A Kai Schwanke Kai Schwanke $0
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