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Marketing, Media, Advertising & Communications

Rank Name Raised
1st Team Freckle Team Freckle $1,571
Members of Team Freckle
1751st Chris Low Chris Low $1,136
5902nd Tiffany Partington Tiffany Partington $135
5959th Matt Partington Matt Partington $124
6488th jacquie synnott jacquie synnott $72
6708th Fiona Ladu Fiona Ladu $52
N/A Johnny Le Johnny Le $0
N/A Nicolas Hrdina Nicolas Hrdina $0
2nd Newy Design Co Newy Design Co $5,788
Members of Newy Design Co
1706th Mat Mcentee Mat Mcentee $1,157
2028th Trent Ruddiman Trent Ruddiman $1,030
2407th Sunny Karda Sunny Karda $889
2722nd Daniel McEntee Daniel McEntee $797
3679th Brendan Addison Brendan Addison $584
4597th Dan Smith Dan Smith $433
4631st Juned Subedar Juned Subedar $418
6985th Kellee Coe Kellee Coe $36
7257th Anthony Molden Anthony Molden $35
7303rd Sam Ruddiman Sam Ruddiman $31
7328th Lincoln Black Lincoln Black $26
N/A Greg Steelo Greg Steelo $0
N/A Justin Snape Justin Snape $0
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