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Rank Name Raised
1st Circus Bear Circus Bear $572.74
Members of Circus Bear
2nd Manuel Maddalozzo Manuel Maddalozzo $520.99
2nd Adaptive Duo Adaptive Duo $154.38
Members of Adaptive Duo
27th Robert Alman Robert Alman $154.38
3rd Abbott71 Abbott71 $123.50
Members of Abbott71
32nd Grant Abbott Grant Abbott $123.50
4th Pages Pages $87.10
Members of Pages
45th Cameron Page Cameron Page $87.10
5th Gock Family and friends Gock Family and friends $35
Members of Gock Family and friends
64th Ty GOCK Ty GOCK $35
Members of CROSSJAW
76th Jo Cross Jo Cross $20
N/A alicia benn alicia benn $0
N/A Naomi Hassett Naomi Hassett $0
7th Team Stevens Team Stevens $20
Members of Team Stevens
76th Andrew Stevens Andrew Stevens $20
N/A Kari Villamil Kari Villamil $0
N/A Brians Brians $0
Members of Brians
N/A Brian Spagnoletti Brian Spagnoletti $0
N/A Collins Collins $0
Members of Collins
N/A Genevieve Collins Genevieve Collins $0
N/A Crazy Clan Crazy Clan $0
Members of Crazy Clan
N/A Debb Andrew Debb Andrew $0
N/A Fighting for Hope Fighting for Hope $0
Members of Fighting for Hope
N/A Christine Wallace Christine Wallace $0
N/A grundelld grundelld $0
Members of grundelld
N/A Dean Grundell Dean Grundell $0
N/A Jackson girls Jackson girls $0
Members of Jackson girls
N/A Amber Jackson Amber Jackson $0
N/A Glenda Jackson Glenda Jackson $0
N/A Jobine Jobine $0
Members of Jobine
N/A Joanie Germain Joanie Germain $0
N/A Just Me Just Me $0
Members of Just Me
N/A Edna Salinas Edna Salinas $0
N/A KeepTheFaith KeepTheFaith $0
Members of KeepTheFaith
N/A Christina Dumaua Christina Dumaua $0
N/A KeepTheFaith! KeepTheFaith! $0
Members of KeepTheFaith!
N/A christina dumaua christina dumaua $0
N/A Kris&Kayla Kris&Kayla $0
Members of Kris&Kayla
N/A kristofer goodwin kristofer goodwin $0
N/A Liakos5 Liakos5 $0
Members of Liakos5
N/A Chris Liakos Chris Liakos $0
N/A Mel&Tarnah Mel&Tarnah $0
Members of Mel&Tarnah
N/A Melanie Burns Melanie Burns $0
N/A Shontarna Cundy Shontarna Cundy $0
N/A Pheasant paradise Pheasant paradise $0
Members of Pheasant paradise
N/A Brittany Book Brittany Book $0
N/A Ride to die Ride to die $0
Members of Ride to die
N/A Rebecca Dykhoff Rebecca Dykhoff $0
N/A Rubber Duckies Rubber Duckies $0
Members of Rubber Duckies
N/A Rosie Paparella Rosie Paparella $0
N/A Solitarios cycling Solitarios cycling $0
Members of Solitarios cycling
N/A Vladimir Aybar Vladimir Aybar $0
N/A Team Avery Team Avery $0
Members of Team Avery
N/A Kim Avery Kim Avery $0
N/A Neil Avery Neil Avery $0
N/A Team Blagdon Team Blagdon $0
Members of Team Blagdon
N/A Bailey Maddox Bailey Maddox $0
N/A Team Evans Team Evans $0
Members of Team Evans
N/A Lee Evans Lee Evans $0
N/A Team Jacobsen Team Jacobsen $0
Members of Team Jacobsen
N/A Michael-Tristan Schutte Michael-Tristan Schutte $0
N/A Team Levin Team Levin $0
Members of Team Levin
N/A Carolyn Levin Carolyn Levin $0
N/A Team Wigal Team Wigal $0
Members of Team Wigal
N/A Jennifer Wigal Jennifer Wigal $0
N/A Teche Family Teche Family $0
Members of Teche Family
N/A Anthony Teche Anthony Teche $0
N/A The Rourkes The Rourkes $0
Members of The Rourkes
N/A Tom and Tim Rourke Tom and Tim Rourke $0
N/A Tris and Janita Tris and Janita $0
Members of Tris and Janita
N/A Tristan Newsome Tristan Newsome $0
N/A Unicorn Unicorn $0
Members of Unicorn
N/A Angel Gliscinski Angel Gliscinski $0
N/A Jennifer Scott Jennifer Scott $0
N/A Sean Mayor Sean Mayor $0
N/A Vetkoek Friday Vetkoek Friday $0
Members of Vetkoek Friday
N/A Heidi Muller Heidi Muller $0
N/A Markus Muller Markus Muller $0
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