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Rank Name Raised
1st The Farrow Fun Fair The Farrow Fun Fair $6,268
Members of The Farrow Fun Fair
60th Justin Farrow Justin Farrow $3,195
274th Riley Farrow Riley Farrow $1,600
325th Zoe Farrow Zoe Farrow $1,473
2nd Paying it forward Paying it forward $5,608.90
Members of Paying it forward
N/A Jenna Peut Jenna Peut $760
1300th Nate Horman Nate Horman $650
1563rd Blake Horman Blake Horman $565
1575th Kristy Kerrisk Kristy Kerrisk $562
1770th Toni Horman Toni Horman $511.90
2036th Cody Parsloe Cody Parsloe $440
2271st Sophie Parsloe Sophie Parsloe $345
N/A Natalie Parsloe Natalie Parsloe $315
2552nd Leslie Peut Leslie Peut $265
2981st Maureen Peut Maureen Peut $175
3006th Lee Horman Lee Horman $170
N/A K M Mafijur Rahman K M Mafijur Rahman $0
3rd Ryleas Riders Ryleas Riders $4,559
Members of Ryleas Riders
408th Denise Sutherland Denise Sutherland $1,324
473rd Callum Sutherland Callum Sutherland $1,214
N/A Emily Treanor Emily Treanor $774
2005th Kelli Sutherland Kelli Sutherland $459
N/A Erin Greenaway Erin Greenaway $454
N/A Adrian Golonski Adrian Golonski $334
4th Whereisthegreensheep Whereisthegreensheep $4,430
Members of Whereisthegreensheep
32nd Natasha Ekmekjian Natasha Ekmekjian $3,670
1040th Carol Paks Carol Paks $760
5th Calf Carvers Calf Carvers $3,225
Members of Calf Carvers
282nd Tiamaree Wills Tiamaree Wills $1,570
1119th Christine Carew Christine Carew $720
1522nd John Wills John Wills $580
N/A Mary McKenna Mary McKenna $315
6th B team B team $3,106.12
Members of B team
219th Barbara Martin Barbara Martin $1,766.12
1611th Brodie Jolliffe Brodie Jolliffe $550
1771st Kellie Beetson Kellie Beetson $510
7th Ozdraytons Ozdraytons $2,960
Members of Ozdraytons
216th Jed Drayton Jed Drayton $1,770
495th Andrew Drayton Andrew Drayton $1,190
8th Team McCarthy Team McCarthy $2,665
Members of Team McCarthy
395th Tash McCarthy Tash McCarthy $1,345
410th Rick McCarthy Rick McCarthy $1,320
9th The Foord’s The Foord’s $2,390
Members of The Foord’s
1202nd Gemma Foord Gemma Foord $690
1596th Katrina Foord Katrina Foord $555
1645th Peter Foord Peter Foord $540
2727th Joshua Foord Joshua Foord $225
10th Applebox Aces Applebox Aces $2,280
Members of Applebox Aces
495th Clive Haggar Clive Haggar $1,190
636th Carolyn Page Carolyn Page $1,040
11th Keast Klan Keast Klan $2,225
Members of Keast Klan
557th Debra McLaughlin Debra McLaughlin $1,115
561st Grahame Keast Grahame Keast $1,110
12th Krazy Kellehers Krazy Kellehers $2,119
Members of Krazy Kellehers
944th Dan Kelleher Dan Kelleher $819
1792nd Chloe Kelleher Chloe Kelleher $505
2705th Thomas Kelleher Thomas Kelleher $230
2792nd Jack Kelleher Jack Kelleher $210
3663rd Cindy Kelleher Cindy Kelleher $90
13th Trailblazers Trailblazers $2,100
Members of Trailblazers
145th Connor Burns Connor Burns $2,100
14th Team Boom Team Boom $2,095
Members of Team Boom
146th Cameron Blight Cameron Blight $2,095
15th SJB SJB $2,025
Members of SJB
636th Sonya Brackenridge Sonya Brackenridge $1,040
1711th Jackson Brackenridge Jackson Brackenridge $525
1994th Damien Bower Damien Bower $460
16th Team Bergs Team Bergs $1,960
Members of Team Bergs
770th Andrew Frieberg Andrew Frieberg $945
896th Dale Frieberg Dale Frieberg $845
4338th Dale Frieberg Dale Frieberg $35
17th Fighting for Hope Fighting for Hope $1,790
Members of Fighting for Hope
2176th Christine Wallace Christine Wallace $380
2189th Mel Reddacliff Mel Reddacliff $375
2254th Jayme Reddacliff Jayme Reddacliff $350
N/A Ranisha Sumathipala Ranisha Sumathipala $40
18th Rhinos ( for ryan ) Rhinos ( for ryan ) $1,790
Members of Rhinos ( for ryan )
230th geoff parsons geoff parsons $1,720
3806th Robyn Jackson Robyn Jackson $70
N/A Gavin Jackson Gavin Jackson $0
19th Wotsas on Wheels Wotsas on Wheels $1,745
Members of Wotsas on Wheels
734th Paul Beerworth Paul Beerworth $975
1021st Chris Beerworth Chris Beerworth $770
20th YDK YDK $1,740.50
Members of YDK
482nd Yvette Ramscar Yvette Ramscar $1,200.50
1645th Dan Ramscar Dan Ramscar $540
N/A kallum ramscar kallum ramscar $0
21st Team Griffiths Team Griffiths $1,725
Members of Team Griffiths
1148th Chloe Griffiths Chloe Griffiths $705
1645th Trudy Rogers Trudy Rogers $540
3322nd Ben Griffiths Ben Griffiths $120
22nd The Giddy Goats The Giddy Goats $1,675
Members of The Giddy Goats
877th Laura Gordon Laura Gordon $860
2830th Susannah Gordon Susannah Gordon $200
3122nd Marty Webster Marty Webster $150
3238th lachlan gordon lachlan gordon $135
N/A Ron Pratt Ron Pratt $0
23rd MacKenzie Movers MacKenzie Movers $1,665
Members of MacKenzie Movers
676th Darren MacKenzie Darren MacKenzie $1,005
1576th Alastair Mackenzie Alastair Mackenzie $560
24th deetswheels deetswheels $1,655
Members of deetswheels
654th Kori Eaton Kori Eaton $1,025
1356th deanne eaton deanne eaton $630
25th MURPHY MURPHY $1,650
Members of MURPHY
478th Tristan Murphy Tristan Murphy $1,205
2027th Daisy Murphy Daisy Murphy $445
26th Dunbars Dunbars $1,500
Members of Dunbars
1356th Rian Dunbar Rian Dunbar $630
1379th Deb Dunbar Deb Dunbar $620
27th Big Wheels and The Mini Peddlers Big Wheels and The Mini Peddlers $1,480
Members of Big Wheels and The Mini Peddlers
3501st Matthew Roeder Matthew Roeder $100
4048th emily roeder emily roeder $50
4048th liam roeder liam roeder $50
4048th Sharon Roeder Sharon Roeder $50
28th Jones family Jones family $1,475
Members of Jones family
3964th Kydan Jones Kydan Jones $60
3964th Maddison Jones Maddison Jones $60
3964th Tammie Jones Tammie Jones $60
4338th Dean Jones Dean Jones $35
29th Team Scattered Team Scattered $1,435
Members of Team Scattered
447th Rob Mc Auliffe Rob Mc Auliffe $1,245
2915th Nathan and Steve Nathan and Steve $190
30th Team Roulston Team Roulston $1,430
Members of Team Roulston
794th Richard Oborn Richard Oborn $925
3806th Iain Roulston Iain Roulston $70
4048th Elaine Dawson Elaine Dawson $50
4338th Kat Roulston Kat Roulston $35
N/A Karla Dawson Karla Dawson $0
31st MOBiLES MOBiLES $1,410
Members of MOBiLES
1190th Fadzilah Wilson Fadzilah Wilson $695
1267th Leslie Wilson Leslie Wilson $665
32nd WilliamsWobblers WilliamsWobblers $1,385
Members of WilliamsWobblers
1318th Yibin Khuu Yibin Khuu $645
2897th Ken Williams Ken Williams $195
3184th Tom Williams Tom Williams $140
3429th Jess Williams Jess Williams $110
33rd Team RenRats Team RenRats $1,380
Members of Team RenRats
2077th Stuart Renshaw Stuart Renshaw $422.50
2174th Joanne Renshaw Joanne Renshaw $382.50
2725th Riley Renshaw Riley Renshaw $227.50
2725th Utah Renshaw Utah Renshaw $227.50
34th Another Fine Product From The Nonsense Factory Another Fine Product From The Nonsense Factory $1,335.50
Members of Another Fine Product From The Nonsense Factory
981st Robert Longmore Robert Longmore $795.50
3122nd Sally Longmore Sally Longmore $150
35th Team JT Team JT $1,320
Members of Team JT
2345th Karen Tracey Karen Tracey $320
2406th Jacqueline Tracey Jacqueline Tracey $300
2406th Jason Tracey Jason Tracey $300
36th Team Long Team Long $1,310
Members of Team Long
535th Leonard Long Leonard Long $1,140
3322nd Riekie Long Riekie Long $120
37th Uncle and nephew Uncle and nephew $1,310
Members of Uncle and nephew
414th Lee Sullivan Lee Sullivan $1,310
N/A Matthew Gourlay Matthew Gourlay $0
38th TACA TACA $1,285
Members of TACA
831st Catherine Cole Catherine Cole $895
2150th Asher Cole Asher Cole $390
40th Tour de Friends Tour de Friends $1,255
Members of Tour de Friends
965th Wendy Townsend Wendy Townsend $805
2013th Jayden Frey Jayden Frey $450
N/A Elizabeth Gardiner Elizabeth Gardiner $0
41st Jono and Bec Jono and Bec $1,215
Members of Jono and Bec
4981st Bec Miller Bec Miller $10
N/A Jonathan Miller Jonathan Miller $0
42nd Rocky Hill Legends Rocky Hill Legends $1,155
Members of Rocky Hill Legends
982nd Mick Hookham Mick Hookham $795
2229th Angela Hookham Angela Hookham $360
43rd Ross and katina Ross and katina $1,095
Members of Ross and katina
1481st Katina Bayiartakis Katina Bayiartakis $595
1826th Ross Williams Ross Williams $500
44th Michael's Mighty Movers (Mmm) Michael's Mighty Movers (Mmm) $1,090
Members of Michael's Mighty Movers (Mmm)
1267th Kirsten Emmanuel Kirsten Emmanuel $665
2562nd Michael Emmanuel Michael Emmanuel $260
3050th Joseph Emmanuel Joseph Emmanuel $165
45th Fight For Life Fight For Life $1,075
Members of Fight For Life
1534th Jontae Nourry Jontae Nourry $575
1826th Javier Nourry Javier Nourry $500
46th Clan Kinsela Clan Kinsela $1,070.27
Members of Clan Kinsela
1250th Bob Kinsela Bob Kinsela $670.27
N/A Jess Tataroglou Jess Tataroglou $350
N/A Con Tataroglou Con Tataroglou $0
47th West Coast East Coast Evans Cycle Club West Coast East Coast Evans Cycle Club $1,055
Members of West Coast East Coast Evans Cycle Club
1442nd James Evans James Evans $600
2599th Jan Evans Jan Evans $250
4007th Steve Evans Steve Evans $55
N/A Ashley Evans Ashley Evans $0
48th Team Pearce Team Pearce $1,025.02
Members of Team Pearce
1074th Aaron Pearce Aaron Pearce $745.02
2487th Desirae Pearce Desirae Pearce $280
49th Defib Defib $1,025
Members of Defib
2304th Neil Natasha Neil Natasha $335
2830th Neil Many Neil Many $200
50th Andrighetto Family Andrighetto Family $1,005
Members of Andrighetto Family
817th Fabio Andrighetto Fabio Andrighetto $905
4048th Jeanine Andrighetto Jeanine Andrighetto $50
4048th Nina Andrighetto Nina Andrighetto $50