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Rank Name Raised
51st T.J.D T.J.D $3,621.76
Members of T.J.D
186th Jacquie Snooks Jacquie Snooks $2,242.28
N/A Donna Smith Donna Smith $861.98
N/A Tayla Smith Tayla Smith $517.51
52nd The Bike Hikers The Bike Hikers $2,394.99
Members of The Bike Hikers
928th Darcy Bergman Darcy Bergman $1,001.08
2946th Katie Bergman Katie Bergman $296.45
1579th daniel bergman daniel bergman $274.28
3046th Leni-Jane Bergman Leni-Jane Bergman $272.61
3440th Harvey Bergman Harvey Bergman $193.83
3810th oliver mcclymont oliver mcclymont $129.38
3842nd Brodie Mcclymont Brodie Mcclymont $124.21
5260th Jackie McClymont Jackie McClymont $15.53
5403rd Brad Mcclymont Brad Mcclymont $5.18
53rd Dunkaroos Dunkaroos $70
Members of Dunkaroos
4347th Julie Duncan Julie Duncan $70
54th NGDP NGDP $648.04
Members of NGDP
N/A Nathan Giglia Nathan Giglia $648.04
N/A Danielle Paparella Danielle Paparella $0
55th SVEC Family SVEC Family $914.92
Members of SVEC Family
1875th Thor Svec Thor Svec $579.70
3547th Kobi Svec Kobi Svec $175.91
4296th Martin Svec Martin Svec $72.45
5148th Sandra Parsons Sandra Parsons $20
N/A BubbleAndLocko BubbleAndLocko $0
Members of BubbleAndLocko
N/A Pannida Sunananta Pannida Sunananta $0
N/A Los escarabajos Los escarabajos $0
Members of Los escarabajos
N/A Juan OƱate Juan Oñate $0
N/A Ryan Barrett Ryan Barrett $0
N/A Sergio Pacheco Sergio Pacheco $0
58th GRAMFAM GRAMFAM $505.69
Members of GRAMFAM
2197th James Gram James Gram $505.69
N/A Chloe Gram Chloe Gram $0
N/A Helayna-Lily Gram Helayna-Lily Gram $0
N/A Jayden Gram Jayden Gram $0
59th Team PKR Team PKR $1,283.86
Members of Team PKR
1773rd Peter Readett Peter Readett $607.92
2625th Kerry Readett Kerry Readett $381.32
Members of TEAM CHAPPY
N/A Luigi Chapman Luigi Chapman $0
N/A Matthew Chapman Matthew Chapman $0
N/A Stefano Chapman Stefano Chapman $0
61st Helga's Heroes Helga's Heroes $2,411.44
Members of Helga's Heroes
390th Brendan Pearce Brendan Pearce $1,552.55
1131st Elise Pearce Elise Pearce $858.89
62nd Kneesy Breezy Kneesy Breezy $730.23
Members of Kneesy Breezy
N/A Shane Manahan Shane Manahan $458.44
N/A Erin Mcinerney Erin Mcinerney $101.86
63rd Dad and Daughter duo Sanders 2019 Dad and Daughter duo Sanders 2019 $1,172.17
Members of Dad and Daughter duo Sanders 2019
1707th Graeme Sanders Graeme Sanders $626.25
2130th Rach Sanders Rach Sanders $520.05
64th The Bloomfields The Bloomfields $1,548.18
Members of The Bloomfields
2229th Hannah Bloomfield Hannah Bloomfield $502.15
2590th James Bloomfield James Bloomfield $389.26
3362nd William Bloomfield William Bloomfield $209.71
3492nd Anna-Maree Bloomfield Anna-Maree Bloomfield $184.73
4174th Steven Bloomfield Steven Bloomfield $91.55
65th Team Crowther Team Crowther $2,657.87
Members of Team Crowther
612th Matthew Crowther Matthew Crowther $1,248.60
1138th Jo Connors-Crowther Jo Connors-Crowther $854.81
2116th Jack Crowther Jack Crowther $523.42
66th Josh & Jas Josh & Jas $2,625.80
Members of Josh & Jas
N/A Jasmine Helfer Jasmine Helfer $0
N/A Josh Pitts Josh Pitts $0
67th Awesome FourSome Awesome FourSome $1,705.06
Members of Awesome FourSome
744th Antoinette Cole Antoinette Cole $1,130.88
3357th Colby Stickland Colby Stickland $210.60
3469th Makayla Norman Makayla Norman $189.21
3667th Bradley Norman Bradley Norman $153.68
68th Team Moss Team Moss $538.00
Members of Team Moss
2047th Marty Moss Marty Moss $538.00
69th Jodie and Lauren Jodie and Lauren $1,355.23
Members of Jodie and Lauren
N/A Lauren Govier Lauren Govier $1,000.95
N/A Jodie Rugari Jodie Rugari $172.78
70th Whanau Whanau $10.35
Members of Whanau
N/A Mairie Takiari Mairie Takiari $10.35
71st Love for Lizzie Love for Lizzie $3,304.76
Members of Love for Lizzie
692nd Elizabeth Stephens Elizabeth Stephens $1,174.73
1235th Mel Fry Mel Fry $812.50
4509th James Monkman James Monkman $51.75
72nd 2 Losers on bikes 2 Losers on bikes $690.87
Members of 2 Losers on bikes
2452nd Geoff Barbour Geoff Barbour $436.17
3303rd Zoe Barbour Zoe Barbour $219.70
73rd Bandyman's Bikers Bandyman's Bikers $2,020.17
Members of Bandyman's Bikers
240th Wayne Scifleet Wayne Scifleet $1,983.94
74th Team VanderMeer Team VanderMeer $1,612.33
Members of Team VanderMeer
777th Nicole Van der Meer Nicole Van der Meer $1,104.02
2180th Peter Van der Meer Peter Van der Meer $508.31
75th Pallee Pallee $1,645.02
Members of Pallee
581st Alenka Jeram Alenka Jeram $1,283.23
2815th Ronald Inglesby Ronald Inglesby $325.57
76th Wheely Deadly Wheely Deadly $1,805.17
Members of Wheely Deadly
445th Josephine Jennings Josephine Jennings $1,446.03
N/A Sharon Jennings Sharon Jennings $0
77th Just riding Just riding $432.21
Members of Just riding
3162nd Hudson Prince Hudson Prince $248.33
3498th Anais Prince Anais Prince $183.88
N/A Sandy-Lee Prince Sandy-Lee Prince $0
78th Roxy's Riders Roxy's Riders $1,345.46
Members of Roxy's Riders
1513th Andrew Morris Andrew Morris $697.45
1446th Michelle Morris Michelle Morris $648.01
79th The Downhillbillies The Downhillbillies $1,004.09
Members of The Downhillbillies
1177th Jesse Job Jesse Job $838.61
3602nd Matthew Orr Matthew Orr $165.48
80th Team Watkins Team Watkins $757.21
Members of Team Watkins
1410th Matthew Watkins Matthew Watkins $737.21
5148th Terri Watkins Terri Watkins $20
81st BDEPS BDEPS $168.71
Members of BDEPS
4045th Bruce Dickson Bruce Dickson $101.86
4415th Denise Sheen Denise Sheen $66.86
N/A Emily Dickson Emily Dickson $0
82nd Docs Docs $635.36
Members of Docs
2597th Craig Docherty Craig Docherty $387.41
3238th Thomas Docherty Thomas Docherty $232.42
83rd The Lacey Pedalers The Lacey Pedalers $756.38
Members of The Lacey Pedalers
1365th Joe Lacey Joe Lacey $756.38
N/A Wellmans Wellmans $0
Members of Wellmans
N/A David Wellman David Wellman $0
N/A Harley Wellman Harley Wellman $0
N/A Jarrod Wellman Jarrod Wellman $0
N/A Stephanie Wellman Stephanie Wellman $0
85th The go Getters The go Getters $399.41
Members of The go Getters
3922nd Leah Schilling Leah Schilling $113.85
5074th Shaun Hodgskiss Shaun Hodgskiss $21.42
5277th Kaleb Hodgskiss Kaleb Hodgskiss $10.35
5277th Nathaniel Hodgskiss Nathaniel Hodgskiss $10.35
N/A Singh Singh $0
Members of Singh
N/A Rav S Rav S $0
87th Team Lane Team Lane $889.22
Members of Team Lane
2106th Harrison Lane Harrison Lane $524.89
2751st Andrew Lane Andrew Lane $343.63
88th Sharke & Minnow Sharke & Minnow $2,345.02
Members of Sharke & Minnow
338th Sheryl Clarke Sheryl Clarke $1,652.62
1523rd Saffron Wilson Saffron Wilson $692.40
89th The Macs The Macs $1,710.69
Members of The Macs
884th Pam Macleod Pam Macleod $1,020.25
1808th Kim Berg Kim Berg $597.29
90th Blue Room Dreamers Blue Room Dreamers $144.90
Members of Blue Room Dreamers
4157th Leanne Syron Leanne Syron $93.15
4509th Tyrone Lamb Tyrone Lamb $51.75
91st Team Nicholls Team Nicholls $931.72
Members of Team Nicholls
1471st Leonie Nicholls Leonie Nicholls $713.82
3309th Jason Nicholls Jason Nicholls $217.90
92nd Milk & Honey Milk & Honey $316.81
Members of Milk & Honey
3549th Seanny Chapman Seanny Chapman $175.53
3737th Mandy Lea Mandy Lea $141.28
93rd burnt wheels burnt wheels $1,579.37
Members of burnt wheels
1272nd Darren Iles Darren Iles $793.48
1292nd Cruize Hovancek Cruize Hovancek $785.89
94th Paw patrol Paw patrol $314.98
Members of Paw patrol
3482nd Holli Zaria Pounder Holli Zaria Pounder $186.31
3819th Kurtis Crisante Kurtis Crisante $128.68
95th Maccas Maccas $70
Members of Maccas
N/A Barb Mckinnel Barb Mckinnel $35
N/A Colin McKinnel Colin McKinnel $35
96th Team Gratton Team Gratton $1,714.58
Members of Team Gratton
1078th Neil Gratton Neil Gratton $896.74
1227th Kristy Gratton Kristy Gratton $817.84
97th Ivy-jeanie the queenie Ivy-jeanie the queenie $3,625.33
Members of Ivy-jeanie the queenie
277th Tracey Smith Tracey Smith $1,792.44
638th Trudy Delamare Trudy Delamare $1,220.33
1753rd Brian Smith Brian Smith $612.57
98th The Gear Changers The Gear Changers $909.43
Members of The Gear Changers
1554th Richard Engel Richard Engel $680.78
4150th Tyler Engel Tyler Engel $94.08
4289th Phillipa Engel Phillipa Engel $72.46
4435th Emily Engel Emily Engel $62.11
99th Team MacLeod/Meehan Team MacLeod/Meehan $1,347.25
Members of Team MacLeod/Meehan
1036th Amanda Browning Amanda Browning $923.84
2598th Matthew Meehan Matthew Meehan $387.19
100th Team Millie Team Millie $756.12
Members of Team Millie
1586th Samantha Jones Samantha Jones $668.14
4191st Stu Jones Stu Jones $87.98