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Rank Name Raised
1st The Flat Tyres The Flat Tyres $8,365.14
Members of The Flat Tyres
35th Rob Keogh Rob Keogh $4,611.49
253rd Bethany Keogh Bethany Keogh $2,027.01
411th Stuart Mclennan Stuart Mclennan $1,566.64
2nd Red Dog Riders Red Dog Riders $3,673.75
Members of Red Dog Riders
306th Alex Wright Alex Wright $1,793.63
1140th Kate Burnside Kate Burnside $898.99
1274th Ben Burnside-Wright Ben Burnside-Wright $826.94
3rd Ivy-jeanie the queenie Ivy-jeanie the queenie $3,625.33
Members of Ivy-jeanie the queenie
307th Tracey Smith Tracey Smith $1,792.44
694th Trudy Delamare Trudy Delamare $1,220.33
1854th Brian Smith Brian Smith $612.57
4th T.J.D T.J.D $3,621.76
Members of T.J.D
204th Jacquie Snooks Jacquie Snooks $2,242.28
N/A Donna Smith Donna Smith $861.98
N/A Tayla Smith Tayla Smith $517.51
5th Love for Lizzie Love for Lizzie $3,532.46
Members of Love for Lizzie
748th Elizabeth Stephens Elizabeth Stephens $1,174.73
1310th Mel Fry Mel Fry $812.50
4578th James Monkman James Monkman $51.75
6th An Aussie and a Thai An Aussie and a Thai $3,503.36
Members of An Aussie and a Thai
148th John Wood John Wood $2,619.39
1170th Phakwipa Wood Phakwipa Wood $883.97
7th Jones Boys Jones Boys $3,308.56
Members of Jones Boys
63rd Daniel Jones Daniel Jones $3,308.56
8th Helga's Heroes Helga's Heroes $3,293.79
Members of Helga's Heroes
329th Elise Pearce Elise Pearce $1,741.24
418th Brendan Pearce Brendan Pearce $1,552.55
9th Mole family Mole family $2,879.41
Members of Mole family
401st Darrel Mole Darrel Mole $1,602.82
637th Lauren Castelijn Lauren Castelijn $1,276.59
10th Jones Family Jones Family $2,741.94
Members of Jones Family
3957th Tammie Jones Tammie Jones $120.32
4171st Kydan Jones Kydan Jones $95.50
4171st Maddison Jones Maddison Jones $95.50
4480th Dean Jones Dean Jones $66.86
11th Team Crowther Team Crowther $2,657.87
Members of Team Crowther
665th Matthew Crowther Matthew Crowther $1,248.60
1218th Jo Connors-Crowther Jo Connors-Crowther $854.81
2216th Jack Crowther Jack Crowther $523.42
12th Amy and Niamh Maguire Amy and Niamh Maguire $2,657.08
Members of Amy and Niamh Maguire
138th Amy Maguire Amy Maguire $2,657.08
13th Josh & Jas Josh & Jas $2,625.80
Members of Josh & Jas
N/A Jasmine Helfer Jasmine Helfer $0
N/A Josh Pitts Josh Pitts $0
14th The Bike Hikers The Bike Hikers $2,488.14
Members of The Bike Hikers
1009th Darcy Bergman Darcy Bergman $1,001.08
2920th Leni-Jane Bergman Leni-Jane Bergman $324.36
3043rd Katie Bergman Katie Bergman $296.45
1579th daniel bergman daniel bergman $274.28
3531st Harvey Bergman Harvey Bergman $193.83
3773rd oliver mcclymont oliver mcclymont $150.08
3793rd Brodie Mcclymont Brodie Mcclymont $144.91
5334th Jackie McClymont Jackie McClymont $15.53
5480th Brad Mcclymont Brad Mcclymont $5.18
15th Three Musketeers Three Musketeers $2,465.69
Members of Three Musketeers
601st Jason Ah Toy Jason Ah Toy $1,309.59
785th Jason Vellender Jason Vellender $1,135.40
16th Sharke & Minnow Sharke & Minnow $2,448.52
Members of Sharke & Minnow
372nd Sheryl Clarke Sheryl Clarke $1,652.62
1352nd Saffron Wilson Saffron Wilson $795.90
17th Team Dicko Team Dicko $2,435.83
Members of Team Dicko
787th Jason Dickinson Jason Dickinson $1,134.77
2772nd Noah Dickinson Noah Dickinson $367.43
18th Tribute to our Ladies Tribute to our Ladies $2,404.97
Members of Tribute to our Ladies
936th Chris Walsh Chris Walsh $1,037.84
1512th Jodie Walsh Jodie Walsh $731.83
4492nd Cindy Chant Cindy Chant $66.05
19th Bike Buddies Bike Buddies $2,228.04
Members of Bike Buddies
434th Ruth Murton Ruth Murton $1,533.12
3255th Sarah Lloyd Sarah Lloyd $249.16
3816th Tom Murton Tom Murton $141.71
20th Peeking Duck Peeking Duck $2,184.70
Members of Peeking Duck
659th Kellie Duckworth Kellie Duckworth $1,255.61
1148th Paul King Paul King $892.87
21st Bowboys Bowboys $2,139.80
Members of Bowboys
958th Dale Bowman Dale Bowman $1,023.41
987th Darren Bowman Darren Bowman $1,007.71
22nd Bandyman's Bikers Bandyman's Bikers $2,123.67
Members of Bandyman's Bikers
234th Wayne Scifleet Wayne Scifleet $2,087.44
23rd Tugas for a cause Tugas for a cause $1,978.82
Members of Tugas for a cause
485th Cristina Lisboa Cristina Lisboa $1,461.99
2800th Alexandra Dos Santos Alexandra Dos Santos $358.17
4567th Joao Martins Joao Martins $55.16
24th Bellurs Bellurs $1,974.14
Members of Bellurs
689th Viji Udayashankar Viji Udayashankar $1,225.72
2391st Nagesh Bellur Nagesh Bellur $499.34
3591st Sharvi Bellur Sharvi Bellur $182.23
25th Wheely Deadly Wheely Deadly $1,865.17
Members of Wheely Deadly
456th Josephine Jennings Josephine Jennings $1,506.03
N/A Sharon Jennings Sharon Jennings $0
26th The Macs The Macs $1,762.44
Members of The Macs
886th Pam Macleod Pam Macleod $1,072.00
1907th Kim Berg Kim Berg $597.29
27th GRIFFO'S GRIFFO'S $1,761.24
Members of GRIFFO'S
N/A sean griffiths sean griffiths $764.23
N/A Jayde Griffiths Jayde Griffiths $95.50
28th Desert Peddlers Desert Peddlers $1,722.95
Members of Desert Peddlers
711th Charmaine Kearns Charmaine Kearns $1,207.55
2519th Rory Kearns Rory Kearns $454.52
4517th David Busuttil David Busuttil $60.88
29th Bike n boys Bike n boys $1,722.55
Members of Bike n boys
1326th Ashton McCubbin Ashton McCubbin $805.21
1358th Noah mccubbin Noah mccubbin $793.18
5108th Cooper Mugford Cooper Mugford $28.66
30th Team Gratton Team Gratton $1,714.58
Members of Team Gratton
1143rd Neil Gratton Neil Gratton $896.74
1300th Kristy Gratton Kristy Gratton $817.84
31st Awesome FourSome Awesome FourSome $1,705.06
Members of Awesome FourSome
795th Antoinette Cole Antoinette Cole $1,130.88
3446th Colby Stickland Colby Stickland $210.60
3559th Makayla Norman Makayla Norman $189.21
3751st Bradley Norman Bradley Norman $153.68
32nd Roxy's Riders Roxy's Riders $1,655.96
Members of Roxy's Riders
1446th Michelle Morris Michelle Morris $958.52
1599th Andrew Morris Andrew Morris $697.45
33rd Pallee Pallee $1,645.02
Members of Pallee
628th Alenka Jeram Alenka Jeram $1,283.23
2909th Ronald Inglesby Ronald Inglesby $325.57
34th Team Lippo Team Lippo $1,633.36
Members of Team Lippo
3349th Leo Lipponen Leo Lipponen $229.21
4209th Zac Lipponen Zac Lipponen $95.13
4211th Hayden Lipponen Hayden Lipponen $93.84
4345th Norella Lipponen Norella Lipponen $73.20
35th Team VanderMeer Team VanderMeer $1,612.33
Members of Team VanderMeer
836th Nicole Van der Meer Nicole Van der Meer $1,104.02
2297th Peter Van der Meer Peter Van der Meer $508.31
36th burnt wheels burnt wheels $1,579.37
Members of burnt wheels
1357th Darren Iles Darren Iles $793.48
1377th Cruize Hovancek Cruize Hovancek $785.89
37th Team Rhode Case Team Rhode Case $1,573.89
Members of Team Rhode Case
598th Kelly Rohde Kelly Rohde $1,316.89
3207th Theresa Case Theresa Case $257
38th Life Behind Bars Life Behind Bars $1,567.92
Members of Life Behind Bars
2527th Allyssa Shields Allyssa Shields $452.88
3114th Brodie Emmerton Brodie Emmerton $279.45
3298th Brady Guard Brady Guard $238.77
3411th Hayley Emmerton Hayley Emmerton $217.37
3535th Samantha Hardy Samantha Hardy $192.41
3594th Isabella Emmerton Isabella Emmerton $181.86
5487th Rose-anne Shields Rose-anne Shields $5.18
39th The Bloomfields The Bloomfields $1,548.18
Members of The Bloomfields
2353rd Hannah Bloomfield Hannah Bloomfield $502.15
2704th James Bloomfield James Bloomfield $389.26
3451st William Bloomfield William Bloomfield $209.71
3577th Anna-Maree Bloomfield Anna-Maree Bloomfield $184.73
4235th Steven Bloomfield Steven Bloomfield $91.55
40th Mortongals Mortongals $1,547.85
Members of Mortongals
N/A Sharon Morton Sharon Morton $847.41
N/A Edie Morton Edie Morton $503.79
41st Latcham Gals Latcham Gals $1,523.04
Members of Latcham Gals
442nd Naomi Latcham Naomi Latcham $1,523.04
N/A Samantha Latcham Samantha Latcham $0
42nd Team Yippykiyay Thursday Island Team Yippykiyay Thursday Island $1,511.80
Members of Team Yippykiyay Thursday Island
1409th Jason Jesse Jason Jesse $769.33
N/A Julie Jesse Julie Jesse $587.22
43rd ChrisnJon ChrisnJon $1,506.30
Members of ChrisnJon
991st Christopher Isaac Christopher Isaac $1,006.30
2383rd Jon Holmes Jon Holmes $500
44th Team MacLeod/Meehan Team MacLeod/Meehan $1,485.40
Members of Team MacLeod/Meehan
1077th Amanda Browning Amanda Browning $944.54
2321st Matthew Meehan Matthew Meehan $504.64
45th Josh's Posse - In memory of Joshua Van Wyk Josh's Posse - In memory of Joshua Van Wyk $1,444.47
Members of Josh's Posse - In memory of Joshua Van Wyk
1589th Michael Madigan Michael Madigan $700.73
2408th Hazel Grove Hazel Grove $490.59
3231st Tracy Stewart Tracy Stewart $253.16
46th Fernando boys Fernando boys $1,399.60
Members of Fernando boys
1514th Sharkya Fernando Sharkya Fernando $730.42
1952nd Shardya Fernando Shardya Fernando $587.60
47th The family The family $1,399.04
Members of The family
1485th Colette Dunne Colette Dunne $741.16
1895th Lina Conti Lina Conti $600.95
N/A Andrew Muratore Andrew Muratore $0
N/A Danelle Conti Danelle Conti $0
48th Merida Riders Merida Riders $1,396.20
Members of Merida Riders
1306th Morrie Granek Morrie Granek $813.51
1969th Jacob Granek Jacob Granek $582.69
49th Jodie and Lauren Jodie and Lauren $1,355.23
Members of Jodie and Lauren
N/A Lauren Govier Lauren Govier $1,000.95
N/A Jodie Rugari Jodie Rugari $172.78
50th The Pearce's The Pearce's $1,344.92
Members of The Pearce's
2142nd Aaron Pearce Aaron Pearce $541.71
5219th desirae p desirae p $20
N/A Ava P Ava P $0
N/A Kyra Pearce Kyra Pearce $0
N/A Noah Pearce Noah Pearce $0