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Rank Name Raised
98th Kerry Forrest Kerry Forrest $3,471
99th Steven Wakeman Steven Wakeman $3,450
100th Yannick Vallet Yannick Vallet $3,439
101st Stephen Williams Stephen Williams $3,408
102nd Brett Pascoe Brett Pascoe $3,399
103rd Jude Stephens Haines Jude Stephens Haines $3,398
104th Bernadette Riad Bernadette Riad $3,384
105th Gus Wills Gus Wills $3,382
106th Stewart Condie Stewart Condie $3,375
107th Jacqueline Collins Jacqueline Collins $3,374
108th Stephen Bestmann Stephen Bestmann $3,363
109th Andrew Kerr Andrew Kerr $3,337
110th Luke Bourchier Luke Bourchier $3,324
111th David smith David smith $3,300
112th Catherine Schultz Catherine Schultz $3,299
113th Susan Wong Susan Wong $3,294
114th Kristina Rorhan Kristina Rorhan $3,292
115th Luke Stanley Luke Stanley $3,292
116th David King David King $3,275
117th Ed van Dijk Ed van Dijk $3,270