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Rank Name Raised
6141st Paul Hayes Paul Hayes $121
873rd Joe Wilchynski Joe Wilchynski $1,716
782nd Michael worker Michael worker $1,845
N/A Raymond Jarratt Raymond Jarratt $0
3970th Rodney Welch Rodney Welch $542
2709th Graham Brown Graham Brown $784
4680th Tobias Bateman Tobias Bateman $393
2919th Jeff Little Jeff Little $734
5634th Geoff Whan Geoff Whan $188
1322nd Andrew Lewin Andrew Lewin $1,341
2791st Lachlan Spencer Lachlan Spencer $762
1892nd shannon goard shannon goard $1,062
N/A James Sloan James Sloan $0
1860th Cheryl Coombs Cheryl Coombs $1,072
2650th David Stevens David Stevens $798
6016th Troy Laughlin Troy Laughlin $129
N/A Juliano Lezdkalns Juliano Lezdkalns $0
1965th Maurice Herrmann Maurice Herrmann $495
677th David Mujunen David Mujunen $2,041
4925th adam hadley adam hadley $323