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Rank Name Raised
1464th Bill Book Bill Book 4years $1,169
5230th Randall Oakley Randall Oakley 7years $215
N/A Skye Goldney Skye Goldney 5years $0
4062nd Duncan Baker Duncan Baker 2years $486
N/A Ryan Knight Ryan Knight 2years $0
393rd Kevin Turner Kevin Turner 2years $507
98th Justin Farrow Justin Farrow 7years $4,707
6th Wayne Gowland Wayne Gowland $17,583
613th Andrew Lewin Andrew Lewin 2years $2,034
1170th Roger Fiedler Roger Fiedler 2years $1,339
3570th Tess Martin-Wallace Tess Martin-Wallace $553
7429th Jarrod Montgomery Jarrod Montgomery 2years $10
447th Ben Fitzpatrick Ben Fitzpatrick 2years $2,385
N/A Ian Taylor Ian Taylor 2years $0
4648th Geoff Whan Geoff Whan 5years $189
957th Michael worker Michael worker 2years $1,528
349th Matt Croxford Matt Croxford 4years $2,679
422nd Craig Holtham Craig Holtham $2,461
488th Don Mintern Don Mintern $2,290
1169th John Reardon John Reardon 2years $1,339