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Rank Name Raised
151st Ana Bodnar Ana Bodnar $460.59
152nd Bruce Vale Bruce Vale $459.88
153rd Darryl Shirt Darryl Shirt $457.08
154th Emily McGuinness Emily McGuinness $455.40
155th Andrew Carlson Andrew Carlson $455.28
156th Graeme Allen Graeme Allen $451.20
157th Geoff Kent Geoff Kent $448.48
158th Dyota Dama Dyota Dama $447.59
159th Mark Fyfe Mark Fyfe $446.73
160th Josh Fraser Josh Fraser $445.64
161st Ellen Thenander Ellen Thenander $442.79
162nd Kylie Stewart Kylie Stewart $441.56
163rd Rachael Nicholls Rachael Nicholls $439.89
164th Nicole Evans Nicole Evans $439.18
165th Rylan Loemker Rylan Loemker $438.14
166th Lily Mcivor Lily Mcivor $437.35
167th Tim Collier Tim Collier $436.38
168th Matthew Squires Matthew Squires $434.70
169th Myke Octaviano Myke Octaviano $430.53
170th Michael Nobes Michael Nobes $429.54
171st Deb Warham Deb Warham $429.53
172nd Michael Scott Michael Scott $429.53
173rd Robert Linton Robert Linton $428.67
174th Melanie Day Melanie Day $425.95
175th Zoe Crouch Zoe Crouch $424.36
176th Zander Page Zander Page $423.13
177th Ruth Chen Ruth Chen $420.43
178th Kylie Mills Kylie Mills $419.04
179th Pauline Ellis Pauline Ellis $414.50
180th Quoc Cuong Luu Quoc Cuong Luu $409.66
181st John Choroszy John Choroszy $403.65
181st Tamara Ferrier Tamara Ferrier $403.65
183rd Sharon Maree Pyle Sharon Maree Pyle $401.81
184th Michael Dryden Michael Dryden $401.58
185th Christine Trevaskis Christine Trevaskis $401.21
186th David Crawford David Crawford $398.48
187th Liam Collins Liam Collins $396.73
188th Angelique Aloupis Angelique Aloupis $396.22
189th Sophie Foster Sophie Foster $393.30
190th Tammy Biffin Tammy Biffin $387.17
191st Kristen Sanders Kristen Sanders $382.96
192nd Marc Attree Marc Attree $381.73
193rd Mark Nicholas Mark Nicholas $381.20
194th Richard Lalor Richard Lalor $380.30
195th Connor Downie Connor Downie $378.14
196th Ella and Lou Whight Ella and Lou Whight $377.78
197th Harrison Ollier Harrison Ollier $376.03
198th Martin Gatehouse Martin Gatehouse $375.95
199th Andrew Cathery Andrew Cathery $375.15
200th Daniel Mansbridge Daniel Mansbridge $374.46