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Rank Name Raised
51st VRT / Dynapumps VRT / Dynapumps $410.50
Members of VRT / Dynapumps
468th Tim Simmons Tim Simmons $410.50
N/A Nick Favazzo Nick Favazzo $0
52nd Titos and Titas Titos and Titas $407.78
Members of Titos and Titas
740th Josie Bautista Josie Bautista $258.02
2244th Jose Munoz Jose Munoz $46.58
2714th Joye Tuazon Joye Tuazon $26.78
2764th Che Jamisal Che Jamisal $20.70
N/A Emmanuel Tongzon Emmanuel Tongzon $0
N/A Flo&Cata Magcalas Flo&Cata Magcalas $0
N/A Joye Tuazon Joye Tuazon $0
N/A MariaLourdes Serranilla-Lauguico Rayos MariaLourdes Serranilla-Lauguico Rayos $0
N/A Patrick Elyson Balgos Patrick Elyson Balgos $0
N/A Vanessa Yacat Vanessa Yacat $0
53rd Are we there yet? Are we there yet? $400.72
Members of Are we there yet?
618th Joshua Sjerp Joshua Sjerp $312.74
1657th Jamie Douglas Jamie Douglas $87.98
54th Team Merci Team Merci $398.05
Members of Team Merci
481st Rebecca Mercieca Rebecca Mercieca $398.05
55th Derby Doers Derby Doers $396.73
Members of Derby Doers
725th Kristy Blake Kristy Blake $262.18
2022nd Courteney Perry Courteney Perry $51.75
N/A Sam Mendes Sam Mendes $0
56th Bec n Cherie Bec n Cherie $393.32
Members of Bec n Cherie
531st Rebecca Craigie Rebecca Craigie $357.09
2357th Cherie Nicholas Cherie Nicholas $36.23
N/A Cherie Nicholas Cherie Nicholas $0
57th Mountains Christian College Mountains Christian College $370.19
Members of Mountains Christian College
724th Jack Spiller Jack Spiller $262.70
1837th Josiah Lane Josiah Lane $70
2311th Colette Spiller Colette Spiller $37.49
58th The Mt Isa Challengers The Mt Isa Challengers $369.98
Members of The Mt Isa Challengers
1051st Brian Grosser Brian Grosser $175.25
1229th Graeme Foster Graeme Foster $139.73
2420th Ken Nelder Ken Nelder $35
2874th Les Rayner Les Rayner $20
59th WD-40 WD-40 $365.69
Members of WD-40
1286th Jason Peterson Jason Peterson $127.63
1591st Ken neale Ken neale $98.33
60th Crusty Kritters Crusty Kritters $362.38
Members of Crusty Kritters
1070th Debbie Weir Debbie Weir $171.38
1170th Vicki Harper Vicki Harper $153.51
61st The CycleStormers The CycleStormers $349.45
Members of The CycleStormers
808th Jamie Macdonald Jamie Macdonald $241.48
1445th Christopher Lee Mayer Christopher Lee Mayer $107.98
N/A Kye Mcalpine Kye Mcalpine $0
62nd AO Mamils AO Mamils $334.63
Members of AO Mamils
615th Michael Davies Michael Davies $314.63
2874th Andy Dixon Andy Dixon $20
63rd #helpushelpthem #helpushelpthem $333.02
Members of #helpushelpthem
994th Tarnee Latoa Tarnee Latoa $188.11
3168th Michaël Jaimy Alan Mashoub Michaël Jaimy Alan Mashoub $5.18
N/A Rishiyank Yadav Rishiyank Yadav $0
N/A Tommy Heard Tommy Heard $0
64th Let's do this Let's do this $332.69
Members of Let's do this
574th Peter Shortman Peter Shortman $332.69
N/A Gwen Taraya Gwen Taraya $0
65th The Giddy Goats The Giddy Goats $314.63
Members of The Giddy Goats
614th Calum Lehmann grant Calum Lehmann grant $314.63
N/A Laura Gordon Laura Gordon $0
N/A Laura Marchese Laura Marchese $0
N/A Marty Webster Marty Webster $0
66th Weekend Warriors Sunshine Coast Weekend Warriors Sunshine Coast $310.50
Members of Weekend Warriors Sunshine Coast
625th Nico Visser Nico Visser $310.50
N/A Jacques Dreyer Jacques Dreyer $0
67th Bonking frogs Bonking frogs $306.68
Members of Bonking frogs
N/A Jacqui Brotherton Jacqui Brotherton $100.91
1671st Dani Eveleigh Dani Eveleigh $86.75
2268th Bridget Simmons Bridget Simmons $41.40
N/A Ken Mastop Ken Mastop $41.40
N/A Michelle Redman Michelle Redman $36.23
68th Ride Like the Wind Ride Like the Wind $304.98
Members of Ride Like the Wind
1050th Stefan Butler Stefan Butler $175.60
1272nd Lyn McDonald Lyn McDonald $129.38
Members of RIDE TO LIVE
1008th Bruce Schulz Bruce Schulz $183.85
1469th Michelle Faulds Michelle Faulds $105.05
N/A Brooke Brooke Brooke Brooke $0
70th Tailwind Titians Tailwind Titians $282.71
Members of Tailwind Titians
918th Shani Radford Shani Radford $211.48
2420th Sean Forsyth Sean Forsyth $35
71st Team wagga Team wagga $277.70
Members of Team wagga
1296th Nathan Gregor Nathan Gregor $124.20
1480th Laura Doven Laura Doven $103.50
72nd JAKS JAKS $270.08
Members of JAKS
698th John Krause John Krause $270.08
73rd Team Spoketacular Team Spoketacular $267.36
Members of Team Spoketacular
711th Rob Eggleston Rob Eggleston $267.36
N/A Dian Xu Dian Xu $0
74th Tassie Trail Riders Tassie Trail Riders $264.91
Members of Tassie Trail Riders
1751st Peter Hansen Peter Hansen $72.46
1755th Eric Brain Eric Brain $72.45
2124th Steve Burgess Steve Burgess $50
2420th Mary Hansen Mary Hansen $35
2420th Will Hansen Will Hansen $35
N/A Steven Galloway Steven Galloway $0
75th Munda Biddi and more Munda Biddi and more $264.90
Members of Munda Biddi and more
1139th Nicolai Bennett Nicolai Bennett $157.45
1820th James Bennett James Bennett $71.23
2357th David Elliott David Elliott $36.23
76th Greasy Chains Greasy Chains $263.58
Members of Greasy Chains
802nd Jarrad Hey Jarrad Hey $242.88
N/A Aaron Rogers Aaron Rogers $0
N/A Helena GREEN Helena GREEN $0
N/A Jered Hoyle Jered Hoyle $0
77th CBR Cycle Collective (CCC) CBR Cycle Collective (CCC) $260.43
Members of CBR Cycle Collective (CCC)
730th Karen Whenan Karen Whenan $260.43
78th CMPM CMPM $258.75
Members of CMPM
735th Tom Blackwell Tom Blackwell $258.75
N/A Nathan Glover-Smith Nathan Glover-Smith $0
79th The A team The A team $253.58
Members of The A team
754th Elliott Armstrong Elliott Armstrong $253.58
N/A Aaron Ramsden Aaron Ramsden $0
80th Team Jonathan Team Jonathan $248.40
Members of Team Jonathan
776th Antonio Francese Antonio Francese $248.40
81st The Red Tailed Black Cockatoos The Red Tailed Black Cockatoos $248.40
Members of The Red Tailed Black Cockatoos
1296th Jonathan Loxton Jonathan Loxton $124.20
1296th Richard Oborn Richard Oborn $124.20
N/A Gavin Hayres Gavin Hayres $0
82nd Couchpeloton Couchpeloton $246.30
Members of Couchpeloton
919th Dean Thompson Dean Thompson $210.95
N/A Bridie Jenner Bridie Jenner $35.35
83rd Hillbillies Hillbillies $244.20
Members of Hillbillies
789th Marsha Hodges Marsha Hodges $244.20
84th Kirsty’s Krew Kirsty’s Krew $239.73
Members of Kirsty’s Krew
811th Kirsty McEwan Kirsty McEwan $239.73
85th Rabbit and the Hare Rabbit and the Hare $239.42
Members of Rabbit and the Hare
1402nd Nathan Hodges Nathan Hodges $113.86
2268th Chris Holmes Chris Holmes $41.40
N/A Nathan Hodges Nathan Hodges $0
86th proFIT Health & Fitness proFIT Health & Fitness $233.11
Members of proFIT Health & Fitness
1267th Vanessa McPherson Vanessa McPherson $130.64
1527th Rebecca Feagan Rebecca Feagan $102.47
N/A Jason Gent Jason Gent $0
87th ELKZ915 ELKZ915 $227.70
Members of ELKZ915
853rd Elkin Fulton Elkin Fulton $227.70
88th Emma Emma $227.70
Members of Emma
853rd Jacqui Miller Jacqui Miller $227.70
N/A Lionel Miller Lionel Miller $0
89th Jurien Breakers Jurien Breakers $227.70
Members of Jurien Breakers
933rd Catherine Dunne Catherine Dunne $207
N/A Maxine Ashford Maxine Ashford $0
90th Five Figs Catering Five Figs Catering $224.73
Members of Five Figs Catering
877th Adrian Singline Adrian Singline $224.73
91st Rolling Coasters Rolling Coasters $224.55
Members of Rolling Coasters
1339th Petrina Medlock Petrina Medlock $123.50
2124th Annabelle Hirst Annabelle Hirst $50
2697th Michael Medlock Michael Medlock $30.35
N/A Henry Hirst Henry Hirst $0
N/A Roslyn Millett Roslyn Millett $0
N/A Sean Millett Sean Millett $0
N/A Simon Millett Simon Millett $0
92nd Elite North Elite North $214.20
Members of Elite North
905th Kush Shrestha Kush Shrestha $214.20
93rd Not NT Cycle Club Not NT Cycle Club $213.15
Members of Not NT Cycle Club
910th Phil Mackenzie Phil Mackenzie $213.15
94th Shire Superheros Shire Superheros $212.19
Members of Shire Superheros
911th Ethan Bender Ethan Bender $212.19
N/A ben wainwright ben wainwright $0
95th Team Scrach Team Scrach $212.18
Members of Team Scrach
N/A Jaime Foskett Jaime Foskett $0
N/A Rachel Jansen Rachel Jansen $0
N/A Scott Jansen Scott Jansen $0
96th Outta Gas Outta Gas $210.87
Members of Outta Gas
1549th David O'Neill David O'Neill $100
N/A Yannick Vallet Yannick Vallet $0
97th Dylan and friends Dylan and friends $206.30
Members of Dylan and friends
937th Dylan Wood Dylan Wood $206.30
98th Footy is over Footy is over $203.50
Members of Footy is over
N/A Melanie Helmy Melanie Helmy $203.50
99th Pedal to the medal! Pedal to the medal! $195.95
Members of Pedal to the medal!
1384th Shanyce Vaai-Kitson Shanyce Vaai-Kitson $119.03
2874th Tom Rogers-Binns Tom Rogers-Binns $20
100th Zachy's Ride Zachy's Ride $194.90
Members of Zachy's Ride
1634th Joe Kowaluk Joe Kowaluk $91.40
N/A Gavin Duhig Gavin Duhig $0
N/A Sophie Holborow Sophie Holborow $0