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Rank Name Raised
1st GCC Champions OZ 2019 GCC Champions OZ 2019 $3,774.55
Members of GCC Champions OZ 2019
41st Trent Love Trent Love $1,422.51
177th Steve Felix Steve Felix $820.26
179th Michael Edgar Michael Edgar $819.47
234th Hamdi Al-Ansari Hamdi Al-Ansari $712.32
2nd Club SMS Club SMS $3,626.76
Members of Club SMS
101st Bobby Mehta Bobby Mehta $1,090.50
439th Michael Scott Michael Scott $517.51
594th Saachi Mehta Saachi Mehta $399.31
N/A Neelima Reddy Neelima Reddy $366.21
688th Hitesh Ghai Hitesh Ghai $339.86
N/A Saurav Bakshi Saurav Bakshi $283.57
1218th Rajinder Uppal Rajinder Uppal $177.63
1718th Rajesh Sannapareddy Rajesh Sannapareddy $103.50
1777th Jigna Patel Jigna Patel $102.04
1864th Indie Nguyen Indie Nguyen $93.15
2215th Adam Bogers Adam Bogers $62.10
N/A Bindu Sharma Bindu Sharma $0
N/A Brendan McGavin Brendan McGavin $0
N/A Han Fey Yap Han Fey Yap $0
N/A Hemraz Bhoolah Hemraz Bhoolah $0
N/A Jo Brennan Jo Brennan $0
N/A Kristin Taylor Kristin Taylor $0
N/A Matt Vallance Matt Vallance $0
N/A Michal Kazmierczak Michal Kazmierczak $0
N/A Nathan Curnow Nathan Curnow $0
N/A Susheel Sharma Susheel Sharma $0
3rd Stockinbingal Cycle Club Stockinbingal Cycle Club $1,835.80
Members of Stockinbingal Cycle Club
517th Wendy Millynn Wendy Millynn $487.64
736th Rhonda Douglas Rhonda Douglas $317.35
757th Maree Archer Maree Archer $310.51
821st Ben Phillips Ben Phillips $283.41
1394th Lexie Phillips Lexie Phillips $144.90
1416th carmel payne carmel payne $143.15
1986th Stuart Fletcher Stuart Fletcher $107.45
3066th Graeme Halbisch Graeme Halbisch $20.70
3066th Isaac Pratt Isaac Pratt $20.70
4th Murray River Crew Murray River Crew $1,480.88
Members of Murray River Crew
56th Wayne Richardson Wayne Richardson $1,303.25
1217th Anne-Maree McLeod Anne-Maree McLeod $177.63
5th 1st Canley Heights Scout Group 1st Canley Heights Scout Group $1,274.40
Members of 1st Canley Heights Scout Group
77th Quoc Cuong Luu Quoc Cuong Luu $1,170.90
6th Phatboyz Cycle Corp Phatboyz Cycle Corp $1,125.89
Members of Phatboyz Cycle Corp
421st Peter Goodworth Peter Goodworth $526.04
740th James Egan James Egan $315.68
2293rd Martin Cahill Martin Cahill $51.75
2401st Daniel Kinnane Daniel Kinnane $51.24
N/A Shane Edwards Shane Edwards $0
7th Hound Dog Fit Hound Dog Fit $1,060.09
Members of Hound Dog Fit
362nd Peter Denning Peter Denning $662.40
N/A Jackie Blackburn Jackie Blackburn $220.44
1220th Chloe Denning Chloe Denning $177.25
N/A Brittany Pearce Brittany Pearce $0
N/A Ellie Denning Ellie Denning $0
N/A Jo Wilson Jo Wilson $0
N/A Kent Wright Kent Wright $0
N/A Lindy Wilson Lindy Wilson $0
N/A Marcia Smith Marcia Smith $0
N/A Michele Sanders Michele Sanders $0
N/A Sharyn Carnahan Sharyn Carnahan $0
8th Great Cycle Great Southern Great Cycle Great Southern $775.00
Members of Great Cycle Great Southern
259th Michael Dolphin Michael Dolphin $675.00
1798th Rodney Russell Rodney Russell $100.00
9th I Lycra Your Wheels I Lycra Your Wheels $660.82
Members of I Lycra Your Wheels
813th Farai Musuka Farai Musuka $287.02
1004th Yuli Sim Yuli Sim $231.35
2293rd Kasey Duurland Kasey Duurland $51.75
2406th Phil Smith Phil Smith $50
2578th Alexandra Schemeczko Alexandra Schemeczko $40.70
N/A Siobhan Neller Siobhan Neller $0
10th Slamfit Slamfit $597.43
Members of Slamfit
474th Tim Bee Tim Bee $505.16
1879th Andrew Tooley Andrew Tooley $92.28
11th Guesty's indigenous old blokes team - all welcome Guesty's indigenous old blokes team - all welcome $517.51
Members of Guesty's indigenous old blokes team - all welcome
439th Paul Guest Paul Guest $517.51
12th Gladstone riders Gladstone riders $515.23
Members of Gladstone riders
448th Hayden Mcdonald Hayden Mcdonald $515.23
13th Better health Better health $509.00
Members of Better health
459th Linda Sharpe Linda Sharpe $509.00
14th Just Kicks TKD Just Kicks TKD $460.46
Members of Just Kicks TKD
1044th erin hurkmans erin hurkmans $222.22
1097th Kiandra Davis Kiandra Davis $207.19
3066th Evan King Evan King $20.70
3339th Joshua Grafton Joshua Grafton $10.36
15th Shortland Shortland $419.20
Members of Shortland
566th Gareth Wilcox Gareth Wilcox $419.20
N/A Dillon Rinn Dillon Rinn $0
16th Stromlo Night Riders Stromlo Night Riders $385.68
Members of Stromlo Night Riders
1244th Vicky Miller Vicky Miller $173.50
1290th Jason Tankard Jason Tankard $160.43
2293rd Steven Kierath Steven Kierath $51.75
N/A Anton Patajo Anton Patajo $0
N/A John Andriunas John Andriunas $0
N/A Mel Croaker Mel Croaker $0
17th Centaurs Centaurs $385.15
Members of Centaurs
610th Manoj De Mel Manoj De Mel $385.15
18th Team Fierce Team Fierce $340.96
Members of Team Fierce
1169th Michelle Ralph Michelle Ralph $191.23
2293rd Rion Findlay Rion Findlay $51.75
2293rd Troy Debrincat Troy Debrincat $51.75
2602nd Natalie Matejus Natalie Matejus $36.23
3409th Merita Geer Merita Geer $10
N/A Bona Villamayor Bona Villamayor $0
N/A Deborah Irwin Deborah Irwin $0
N/A Jess Wanders Jess Wanders $0
N/A Juleen Warren Juleen Warren $0
N/A Linda Bell Linda Bell $0
N/A Ryan Villamayor Ryan Villamayor Ryan Villamayor Ryan Villamayor $0
19th Lalor Running Club Lalor Running Club $307
Members of Lalor Running Club
767th Judy Street Judy Street $307
20th Friends of Nepal Friends of Nepal $282.71
Members of Friends of Nepal
823rd Deepak Shakya Deepak Shakya $282.71
21st SUBFOR SUBFOR $174.73
Members of SUBFOR
1238th Jason Minns Jason Minns $174.73
22nd Swannies Swannies $144.90
Members of Swannies
315th Sandy Jacobson Sandy Jacobson $144.90
N/A Blake Jacobson Blake Jacobson $0
23rd Liam Cooper Potts Legacy - Super Heroes & Angel Wings Liam Cooper Potts Legacy - Super Heroes & Angel Wings $139.73
Members of Liam Cooper Potts Legacy - Super Heroes & Angel Wings
1512th Melanie Cambourn Melanie Cambourn $124.20
3312th Ian Cambourn Ian Cambourn $15.53
N/A Narelle Cambourn Narelle Cambourn $0
24th Adrenofit Adrenofit $139.73
Members of Adrenofit
1431st Emma Klasen Emma Klasen $139.73
N/A Jake Swenson Jake Swenson $0
N/A Levi Swenson Levi Swenson $0
N/A Michelle Swenson Michelle Swenson $0
25th Intraining Running & Triathlon Club Intraining Running & Triathlon Club $112.10
Members of Intraining Running & Triathlon Club
1945th Peter Richards Peter Richards $86.23
N/A Mariza Richards Mariza Richards $25.88
26th Bay Bikers Bay Bikers $67.28
Members of Bay Bikers
2199th Antonius Aaldering Antonius Aaldering $67.28
27th Toowoomba riders Toowoomba riders $67.28
Members of Toowoomba riders
2199th Braydan Mcfarlane Braydan Mcfarlane $67.28
28th Beverly Hills Bicycle User Group Beverly Hills Bicycle User Group $56.23
Members of Beverly Hills Bicycle User Group
2272nd John Tselikas John Tselikas $56.23
29th Happy helpers Happy helpers $51.75
Members of Happy helpers
2293rd Kayci Westwood Kayci Westwood $51.75
30th We Ride Mountain Bikes We Ride Mountain Bikes $40.70
Members of We Ride Mountain Bikes
2578th Wendy Fowler Wendy Fowler $40.70
2586th jan boyd jan boyd $40
32nd ERC Cycle Stars ERC Cycle Stars $36.23
Members of ERC Cycle Stars
N/A Trud Haywood Trud Haywood $36.23
N/A Andrew Haywood Andrew Haywood $0
N/A Kirsty Shooter Kirsty Shooter $0
N/A Sarah M Sarah M $0
33rd Phillip Island Phillip Island $35.88
Members of Phillip Island
2706th Brya Geiberras Brya Geiberras $35.88
34th Booleroo Hospital Booleroo Hospital $35
Members of Booleroo Hospital
2709th Julianne Arthur Julianne Arthur $35
35th LTYB East Keilor LTYB East Keilor $35
Members of LTYB East Keilor
2709th Laurie Checketts Laurie Checketts $35
Members of PADJAK
2709th Jojo Laquian Jojo Laquian $35
37th Ride to Life Ride to Life $35
Members of Ride to Life
2709th Gary Leong Gary Leong $35
38th Brisbane Brisbane $20
Members of Brisbane
3173rd Jose Vicente Chong Martinez Jose Vicente Chong Martinez $20
N/A Drew Neilson Drew Neilson $0
N/A Fabian Orozco Fabian Orozco $0
39th Foresting Foresting $10.35
Members of Foresting
3340th Trent Forester Trent Forester $10.35
40th Not So Serious Not So Serious $10
Members of Not So Serious
3409th Rhonda Haire Rhonda Haire $10
N/A Seniors Gym Seniors Gym $0
41st SunĂ© Nel Suné Nel $5.18
Members of Suné Nel
3481st Sune Nel Sune Nel $5.18
N/A 50 next year 50 next year $0
Members of 50 next year
N/A Yeony Kim Yeony Kim $0
N/A Acaeronet Acaeronet $0
Members of Acaeronet
N/A acaeronet login acaeronet login $0
N/A Aramac 4726 Aramac 4726 $0
Members of Aramac 4726
N/A Tiffany Waine Tiffany Waine $0
N/A Balaklava scout group Balaklava scout group $0
Members of Balaklava scout group
N/A Angus Nosatti Angus Nosatti $0
N/A Lynda Nosatti Lynda Nosatti $0
N/A Graeme Knight Graeme Knight $0
N/A Bayside Hockey Club Bayside Hockey Club $0
Members of Bayside Hockey Club
N/A Angela Toler Angela Toler $0
N/A Rachel Reynolds Rachel Reynolds $0
N/A Sam Toler Sam Toler $0
N/A Brazillian MTB Sydney Brazillian MTB Sydney $0
Members of Brazillian MTB Sydney
N/A Wellerson Duarte Wellerson Duarte $0
N/A Crossfit Palmerston Crossfit Palmerston $0
Members of Crossfit Palmerston
N/A Kathryn Smith Kathryn Smith $0
Members of ESTEC
N/A Vincenzo Messina Vincenzo Messina $0